11 October, 2008

Recruitment software has evolved significantly over the past 10 years with countless tools and features designed to make life easier. There is however, much more to consider when choosing the right system for your organisation. A technology partner who can integrate their systems to fully meet your requirements and who can be relied upon to fulfil the changing needs of your organisation is of paramount importance.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have compiled a list of the 10 areas that we feel have led to our success and that will undoubtedly help you make a successful decision when looking for a technology partner.

1. Custom-Built for You

Every organisation is different and so it is vitally important that the recruitment data you work with should be customisable, in the same way that bespoke tools and reports can be developed into your system, without being charged extra when upgrading.

2. Support & Training

Helpful & knowledgeable support staff and a range of training packages are essential to maximise the full potential of your recruitment package with a choice of on-site and classroom based training which saves costs when training new recruits.

3. Reliability & Up Time

Of paramount importance to your future success is minimal down time - you don't want your system to go down just as your latest advertising campaign goes live. Speak to existing customers to see if they have experienced any down time or other disruption. Eploy clients enjoyed 100% uptime last year.

4. Clear Costs

Everything in a proposal should fully reflect the total cost so you can forecast for the future.

Beware of hidden costs, upgrading costs or the extra hardware maintenance & networking costs associated with non-Cloud systems.

5. Automation and Work Flow

Automation tools should be configurable to match your recruitment processes, rather than you having to put up with generic solutions. Automation based on assumptions can cause confusion and extra work.

6. True Career Portal Integration

Will your website's career portal be truly integrated with your software? Can candidates log in and update their details or apply for jobs with information being updated instantly into your recruitment system, without having to synchronise data?

7. Corporate Partners & Technology

Recruitment software companies must also choose the right technology partners. The software you choose should be built on industry-strength technology, be future proof and enable you to get backups of your data when you want them.

8. Technology Partner Not Just a Vendor

As a company who provides "software as a service", we receive constant feedback from our clients and have always promoted a community-based approach to development, ensuring our efforts are in line with what our users actually want.

9. Accessibility

Will your recruitment system provide a single focal point for all recruitment activity and deliver a consistent approach throughout the business. All parties involved such as hiring managers should have secure remote access wherever and whenever they want.

10. Tools & Features

Tools offered should be relevant and effective for your type of recruitment. Talking to other similar users about their experiences can really help determine how effective a system will be for you.

It is these qualities that have seen us through the times of the dotcom era and the ups and downs of the recruitment industry.

To see the results of 10 years of feedback from our client community in the latest version of Eploy , please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a free trial & demonstration.

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