Best of Breed or HRIS Recruitment Module

Do you need a best of breed recruitment system or can you make do with a HRIS Recruiting Module?

Choosing between a dedicated 'best of breed' recruitment platform (commonly known as an applicant tracking system or ATS) and an HR suite that has a 'recruiting module can be a difficult task.

While there is no 'right answer' for all organisations, in this whitepaper, we will take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each approach with the aim of helping you to make an informed decision that will best meet the needs of your organisation.


Learn about:

  1. The main classes of HR Technology and the sea of acronyms
  2. The big debate...'Is recruitment an HR function or something distinct
  3. Key recruitment challenges and how to address them
  4. Differences, Strengths, Weaknesses of each of the available solutions
  5. Using a checklist to evaluate best fit for purpose

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