Modernising talent acquisition for an international tech giant

SCC is a global IT company that enables business agility and transformation through
innovative managed IT services and solutions. 

SCC has more than 48 years of experience enabling managed IT services for the UK’s leading commercial sector and private sector organisations. They simplify the complex. Bringing together technology, expertise and people to accelerate digital transformation and the modern digital workplace.

As an organisation obsessed with innovation and passionate about IT, SCC has the ambition to be the most customer and employee-centric IT systems integrator in the UK.

SCC EMEA has over 6500 employees with its global delivery centres based in Romania and Vietnam supporting its key managed customers. In the UK, SCC has 2000 employees with a centralised recruitment team based at its HQ in Birmingham.

The Recruitment Challenge

Talent Acquisition is a vital function at SCC, responsible for identifying, attracting, and
retaining the UK’s best tech talent to support the company’s continued double-digit growth. The
UK tech sector is facing a range of recruitment challenges that are making it increasingly difficult for companies to find and hire top talent, including:

• Shortage of skilled workers: Demand in the tech sector is high, but the supply of qualified
candidates is limited.
• Competition: Tech companies are competing for top technical talent.
• Diversity: The tech sector has traditionally been male-dominated, and there is a lack of diversity in the workforce.
• Brexit uncertainty: The UK’s decision to leave the EU has created uncertainty for international
tech companies.
• Changing candidate expectations: Candidates are increasingly looking for flexible working.

The Talent Acquisition Team wanted to improve candidate engagement to attract and nurture
talent throughout the recruitment process. Having managed without a best-of-breed recruitment
platform, it was evident that the HR Management platform in place wasn’t able to support the SCC recruitment strategy.

The team were managing c2,500 individual applications via email per month. Recruitment
was managed using Excel spreadsheets with no reporting capability, resulting in poor candidate
experiences. Recruitment was c65% direct, with 35% via recruitment agencies, and recruitment
agency costs were averaging c£128K per month, making up 47% of the overall cost/cost avoidance.

To address these challenges, SCC partnered with Eploy to implement a full end-to-end recruitment platform to manage the entire hiring process and utilise self-service recruitment analytics to measure and report on recruitment metrics.

Redefining Recruitment

SCC set some clear objectives at the start of the project:

  • To select an Applicant Tracking Software provider that shares SCC’s vision and values, is a good cultural fit for SCC, and understands challenges and overall objectives.
  • Improve the candidate experience by:

- Automating administrative processes and removing the requirement for Excel spreadsheets.
- Increasing and personalising communication with clients throughout application and onboarding.
  • Increase direct employment and reduce reliance and cost associated with external recruitment agencies.

  • Find cost efficiencies while delivering a better overall experience for Talent Acquisition colleagues and candidates.

  • Provide greater governance and reporting around the recruitment process.

  • Enhance compliance with GDPR and other legislation.

KPIs for measurement included:

Deliver the project within three months.

  • Transition to 90% direct hire, with 10% agency support.

  • Reduce agency cost from 47% of overall cost/cost avoidance to c10%.

  • Implement tracking of diversity at each stage of the recruitment process by strand, to enable an action plan to improve the female: male ratio.

  • Increase internal engagement and analysis by implementing tracking of employee referrals and internal hires.

SCC selected Eploy as its Applicant Tracking System (ATS) partner after a competitive process, which was led by the Talent Acquisition team, with the SCC UK board of directors, executive management committee, and a cross-functional team of hiring managers. Eploy was identified as the best-fit partner due to its features and functionality that closely aligned with SCC’s objectives.

Download the full case study and results that have delivered complete business change and innovation.

Candidate Feedback “I have been through the onboarding process with several public and private sector companies, and the experience hasn't been as fluid and professional as it has been with SCC. It's slick! And handy to have everything a new joiner needs in one place online. In my experience with other companies, the process consists of many different emails, sent at different times, and becomes hard to navigate onboarding. With SCC, because everything is in one place with a progress bar, the whole experience was very easy.”

Hiring Manager Feedback “Using Eploy for the first time has been amazing. Long gone are the back-and-forth email chains of CVs and planning for interviews. Having one place to sort, choose and process and finally onboard new starters has been great.”

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