Optamor, who manage various master and neutral vendor agreements for automotive, engineering and IT clients, teamed up with Eploy to simplify the coordination of all the recruitment agencies involved in the selection of staff for their prestigious clients.

Claire Proudlove, Optamor's Head of Managed Services & Training explains: "On behalf of our clients, we manage the agencies involved in sourcing contract and permanent staff. Eploy allows us to give our clients one single point of contact and provides structure to the recruitment process; managing several different agencies can be very time consuming for all the hiring managers involved; it is an administrative and accounting burden and it's also very difficult to control in terms of the range of charges applied from agency to agency."

To consolidate relationships with our client's agencies, Optamor needed a web-based recruitment system that would provide one central communications portal, and provide a 360% view of the process. "After reviewing several systems on the market we chose Eploy because it offered all the recruitment and hiring manager functionality we required for this complex, multi-tiered hiring process. Plus its inherent flexibility and generic appearance will enable us to recommend the system to other RPO clients," said Claire.

Eploy's implementation seamlessly manages all aspects of the agency submissions and was customised to meet Optamor's unique requirements. The system allows agencies to view jobs allocated to them by Optamor and performs several checks upon submission to ensure that candidates are submitted in line with Optamor's guidelines. This means that all compliance checks have been carried out by the vendor beforehand.

To centralise communications, all feedback between Optamor and the agencies is also funnelled through Eploy's system. "The portal serves as a central information hub and provides one point of contact for all those involved in the recruitment supply chain. This provides transparency and serves to reduce costs, maintain standards and improve the speed and reliability of the administration process," says Claire.

Client Hiring Managers also channel recruitment requests and approvals through the portal. Claire confirms; "By having one system that everyone feeds into, we, as the vendor responsible for maintaining all information relating to our clients contract workforce, can track and provide a comprehensive overview of the complete recruitment lifecycle. At the touch of a button we can now produce tailored management reports and KPI information."

Mark Hobson, Eploy's Business Development Director, said one of the challenges with Optamor's system was that it had to be developed as a multi tenancy system, so that it has the flexibility to fit Optamor's current and future client's requirements.

"The sophisticated simplicity of Eploy is that it offers one core feature-rich system that can be tailored to manage all areas of recruitment and different workflows." Mark explains.
Paul Martin FIRP FPRC, Business Development Director at Optamor added: "In all our dealings to date, we have found the Eploy team to be good people to deal with, consultative, and without the usual "sell sell sell" approach that we are used to being on the end of."

Having chosen to develop a 100% cloud based system since 1998, Eploy is now streets ahead of other systems and is completely browser independent and mobile compatible, something that not many "web based" ATS's can truly say. Eploy's unique one size 'fits all' solution is now transforming the way recruiters work and enabling more agencies to provide added value services to their clients and candidates.

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