About Rightcheck

Thousands of hiring managers, recruiters and HR teams use the Rightcheck mobile app to conduct right to work and other onboarding checks, either face to face or remotely. Facial recognition and document validation technology adds security and automates many manual tasks, improving accuracy reducing costs and speeding up recruitment. The Rightcheck cloud portal provides control and visibility of all checks using a range of tools to process, store and delete candidate checks, respond to expiring check alerts and manage users. The app has the latest UK immigration rules built in which means that even complex checks can conduct by any member of staff, anywhere. With end to end encryption, Rightcheck is a readymade for both Home Office and GDPR compliance.

About the Integration


When Rightcheck is integrated with Eploy, customers benefit from a streamlined highly managed process, less data input, better candidate experience and faster onboarding.

A typical integration with Eploy looks like this:

  1. Eploy triggers a RTW check request (e.g. at interview stage) and sends the candidates name to a searchable list on the Rightcheck mobile app. The recruiter selects, conducts the check and submits it to the Rightcheck cloud portal.
  2. Checks are validated via the Rightcheck platform and results (along with options such as PDF Check or URL link to each check) are returned to Eploy.
  3. Post-employment data (e.g. employee numbers, leave dates) can also be automatically updated and used to delete checks in line with GDPR and Home Office requirements.

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Right to Work Checks for UK Employers - Watch the Webinar

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