Workforce Consulting: Recruitment Efficiency Programmes

Supported by analytical, HR and finance experts, our team has developed workforce methodologies that can transform the efficiency of the end-to-end recruitment process, aligning activity to demand, increasing headcount and significantly reducing overall staffing costs.

Our workforce consulting solutions include:

  • Process adherence reviews
  • e-Rostering reviews
  • Recruitment efficiency programmes
  • Resource optimisation plans

Practical recommendations

Reviews start with a comprehensive ‘Discovery’ project, mapping and evaluating all existing processes and structures, data on spend, rate adherence and the suitability of technology to ensure sustainability and growth. The end result is a detailed report with practical recommendations, including ‘quick wins’. 

Fast cost benefits

Reviews take six to eight weeks. Cost savings and operational productivity improvements appear within months.

Internal buy-in

We work in close collaboration with all key internal stakeholders to ensure accuracy and engagement.

Implementation support

We don’t walk away after presenting our report. Our experts can provide a bespoke managed project to support your team to implement the recommendations and ensure you get the identified performance benefits.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase headcount - hire more permanent staff, reduce vacancies and reliance on agencies
  • Cut agency costs - improve temporary staffing with better monitoring, control and advance planning
  • Improve candidate experience - build a stronger employer brand, speed up hiring and improve retention
  • Upskill staff - future-proof internal teams and empower them to maintain new processes 
  • Drive efficiencies - embed best practice and efficient processes, aligning services and staffing hours
  • Improve systems - develop better technology use for applicant tracking, rota management and reporting
  • Track benefits - get detailed reports to showcost savings, headcount and service growth

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