Help your people sparkle! 

Assess potential. Predict performance. Remove bias. 


AssessFirst's advanced behavioural assessments help you to find the right candidates for the right roles. Intuitive and modern on the outside - with trusted science baked in - it is ideal for both strategic resourcing challenges and volume hiring. 

More than personality analytics

AssessFirst uniquely combines assessments of personality, motivation and cognitive agility with leading artificial intelligence to give you people analytics that optimise all key stages of your talent management lifecycle. 

Send assessments to as many candidates and employees as you like - all for the same price in your chosen AssessFirst license package. 

Proven results for over 10,000 Recruitment, HR and People Leaders across the globe...

  • Accelerate time to hire

  • Increase employee performance by up to 15%

  • Reduce staff churn by up to 50%

  • Remove bias from your recruitment process  

Foresight - not insight - through leading assessment accuracy

Personality - SHAPE

Identify the behaviours that have a strong probability of presenting in both normal and stressful situations. Develop confidence in whether your candidates’ natural behaviours will enable them to thrive in the desired role. 

Motivation - DRIVE

Define your candidate's capacity to adapt to:

  • Your company culture

  • The relevant team and manager

  • The core tasks of the role  

Cognitive agility - BRAIN

Accurately calculate reasoning capacity and learning style. Anticipate how a person will approach specific tasks and challenges before they happen. 

Game-changing candidate experience 

96% of candidates complete their assessments of SHAPE, DRIVE AND BRAIN. They take an average of 10 minutes each to complete. 

Designed for your talent 

Designed and optimised across devices, candidates can complete their assessments anywhere, anytime. They can be completed in one session or can be re-visited to give them total flexibility.  

Unrivalled results quality 

You can view highly accurate candidate reports as downloadable PDF files or within the AssessFirst platform. 

All candidates, regardless of whether they are successfully hired or not, will receive their behavioural reports - giving them an amazing experience with you that they can take forward in their careers.

Fusing science with people power

AssessFirst is slick, quick and built for scale, but the AssessFirst Customer Success team is there for you - growing your team knowledge and skills to take your talent acquisition and management strategy to the next level. 
Developing leadership | BNP Paribas Personal Finance with AssessFirst 

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