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Financial Services Recruitment Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment in the Financial Services sector is fast paced and can be challenging. With candidate scarcity issues and 78% of companies expecting an increase in hiring this year, knowing the channels and sources that are helping to fill roles and managing the candidate experience will help to succeed in attracting the right quantity and quality of candidates.   

Eploy's ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and Talent CRM is designed to help financial service organisations take control of their hiring processes in a compliant way.

What channels do financial services recruiters use for sourcing candidates?

What channels do financial services recruiters use for sourcing candidates?

Financial Services companies rely heavily on their Website (95%) and Professional Social Networks (88%) like LinkedIn for finding candidates for their open positions. There is also widespread use of Employee Referrals Networks (86%) to find candidates. 

There is a reliance of in-house recruitment teams within the Banking and Finance sector turning to Agencies for help in filling their jobs (65%). Costs associated with this approach can have a major impact on a company's cost of hire and may not always be the most effective use of spend.

Source: 2021 UK Candidate Attraction Survey

Which sourcing channels work best in financial services?

When we look at how Financial Service sector recruiters are succeeding with talent attraction the Sourcing Quadrant provides an easy to understand picture. The Website/Careers site is the top channel usage and delivers satisfactory results on both quality and quantity of candidates. A careers site design and content should provide a stellar experience through every step of the recruitment journey for the best candidate engagement.   

Other channels, like using a Talent CRM as a pro-active sourcing tool to attract and nurture great candidates is delivering a decent quality and quantity of candidates. Those in the bottom half of the quadrant are less successful, with social media underperforming once again. 

Source: 2021 UK Candidate Attraction Report


Which sourcing channels work best in financial services?
How will levels of hiring in the financial services sector change in next 12 months?

How will levels of hiring in the financial services sector change in next 12 months?

In the Financial Services sector 78% of in house recruiters see an increase in hiring for the coming year, with 19% anticipating no change. When you compare that against how recruitment budgets will align, the report shares that 53% of recruiters suggest an increase in budgets, but 25% see no change and 22% report a decrease in budgets!

With the inceasing need to source candidates it's important to have simple, streamlined tools that allow all involved in the recruitment process to have visibility of the recruitment journey when on the go. With Eploy, as well as getting an award winning Applicant Tracking System engineered to work on every platform, you get a dedicated hiring manager portal that's simple and easy to use, a dedicated candidate portal and complete insight into your recruiment with built-in dashboards.

Financial Services sector hiring challenges

Recruiters in the Financial Services sector face similar challenges to other sectors with scarcity of candidates and building a diverse workforce as the top two named challenges. Interestingly, those who have an active metrics and analytics programme report greater quality of the candidates they attract so this is worth bearing in mind when looking to address sourcing challenges.

With Eploy you get complete recruitment analytics built in. You can create customisable dashboards that measure and monitor, in real-time, every aspect of your hiring process - even compliance.
Financial Services sector hiring challenges
Award-winning Online Candidate Experience

Award-winning Online Candidate Experience

Financial Service organisations know why delievering a great customer experience is vital to their business - whether it's in-store or online. And it's no different with their recruitment - quite often your customers are your potential candidates too!

At Eploy we've helped many organisations provide an optimum experience for their online applicants, and with Eploy's Award Winning Candidate Portal (OnRec 2022 Award - Best Candidate Experience) you'll be off to a flying start.

Eploy is not just a recruitment management system - your candidate journey can be seamlessly integrated into your website, or dedicated careers site or with other recruitment technology. If you are looking to multi-post jobs through providers such as top financial jobs, city jobs or other  financial service job boards - you can do that directly within your Eploy recruitment system.

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Eploy applicant tracking system & recruitment software is precision-engineered to work on every platform and add value to every stage of the recruitment journey. We automate and simplify processes to attract, engage and employ candidates quickly. With a high degree of measurability, you can track costs and identify performance gaps accurately.

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