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Understanding the Difference between Active and Passive Candidates

As a recruiter, you may come across two types of candidates - active and passive. Both these types have their unique characteristics, and understanding the difference between them is essential to adopting the right attraction strategy. Active candidates are those who are actively seeking new job opportunities, while passive candidates are those who are currently employed but are open to new job opportunities. In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between active and passive candidates and how to engage them.

Characteristics of Active Candidates 

Active candidates are typically unemployed or unhappy with their current job. They are actively looking for job opportunities and will apply to various job postings. They are generally quicker to respond to outreach than passive candidates, and they are actively seeking ways to improve their job prospects. They may also have an updated LinkedIn profile and are open to being approached about vacancies and have registered with different job boards.

Recruiters can take advantage of these characteristics to engage active candidates. They can approach directly to apply for job positions, easily finding them through job portals, social media/networks, and job fairs. It is also beneficial to stay in regular contact with them, keep them updated on their application status, and provide them with feedback.

Characteristics of Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are typically satisfied with their current job but are open to learning about new job opportunities. They are not actively searching for jobs and may not apply to job postings. They are, however, willing to have discussions with recruiters about opportunities that match their skill sets and interests. They may also have an impressive career history or have a strong reputation in their field.

Recruiters need to take a different approach to engage passive candidates. They need to be more strategic and creative with their outreach efforts. They can employ tactics like direct messaging on social media, recruiting events, referrals, and networking. It is also essential to focus on enticing passive candidates with exciting job opportunities and communications that build brand engagement through talent pool nurturing.

Engagement Techniques for Active and Passive Candidates

Recruiters need to engage with candidates effectively to build and maintain a robust talent pipeline. For active candidates, they can conduct phone interviews and screen their applications. For passive candidates, they can approach them with innovative outreach tactics that highlight the benefits of the job opportunity or working for the organisation. For both types of candidates, it is crucial to provide feedback and regular updates on the application status and engage with regular recruitment marketing campaigns.

Recruiters can also utilise automation tools, such as email and messaging systems within an Applicant Tracking System, to help them manage and track candidate communication efficiently. This approach saves time and allows a recruiter to respond to a candidate promptly.

The Advantages of Hiring Passive Candidates 

Passive candidates can be a valuable resource for recruiters. They may have exceptional skills and experience that are not currently utilised in their current roles. They may also bring with them a wealth of knowledge and valuable connections within their industry. 

Recruiters need to understand the difference between active and passive candidates to establish an effective recruitment strategy. Both types have their unique characteristics and engagement approaches that require different tactics. By developing robust talent pipelines with both active and passive candidates, recruiters can stay ahead of the competition and ensure that they are hiring the best person for the job.

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