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What Are The 5 Most Useful Social Media Practices For Recruitment?

Social media has become a staple in the tool kit for recruitment teams to attract and engage potential candidates. 

With a reported nearly 50 million users in the UK aged 18 and above using social media, it's no wonder that social media is fast becoming a quick and accessible way to connect with a wide audience. Social media platforms are essential not only for branding and marketing but are also used for finding the right talent. In this post, we'll discuss the 5 most useful social media recruitment practices that recruitment teams can use to engage and source candidates.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, X and Facebook provide recruitment teams with options to target potential candidates with ads. Recruitment teams can create targeted ads with specific job titles and qualifications, experience levels or geographic locations. These features provide comprehensive targeting options that take the guesswork out of reaching the right candidates. You'll need a clear objective and a clear brief outlining the audience, ad type and a call to action. This guide from Hootsuite offers some advice on social media advertising. 

Social Media Groups

Recruitment and talent teams can use social media groups to pinpoint potential candidates with specific skills or experience. LinkedIn, for example, has thousands of professional and industry-specific groups, making it easier to find the right candidate. This practice is often used to head-hunt 'hard to find' talent. Take a look at LinkedIn InMail and tips for improving your campaigns

Facebook groups have also become popular for recruiting casual or part-time employees, especially in the hospitality and retail industries.

Social Profiles 

When advertising a job, a company's website is the number 1 go-to channel for advertising the vacancy. Having an online application process that includes being able to register and apply with social media profiles and even share the vacancy via social media will boost those applications! It makes it easy for an applicant to register and apply using a social profile that pre-populates necessary information.

Referral Programs and Social Media

Social media can be used to encourage employee referrals, leveraging the power of social media networks to spread the word about job openings. Referral programs typically offer employees incentives for recommending a role to a contact/friend. The incentives can range from financial rewards to recognition and perks. The key is to make it easy for employees to share job postings on their social networks, via email, WhatsApp or a QR code with the click of a button.

Recruitment Marketing for Engagement 

The primary function of social media is to create and share content. Recruitment teams can use Recruitment Marketing tactics through social media to complement job postings and promote the company's employer brand by showcasing its culture, values, and mission. Posting engaging content and photos, employee testimonials, and company events can provide a glimpse into the company's culture and personality, making it more attractive to prospective candidates.

In summary, social media recruitment has become a prominent practice in today's hiring process. By incorporating social media strategies into recruitment processes, teams can differentiate themselves from the competition, and attract, engage and recruit top talent. 

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