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Tips for Using Your ATS More Efficiently

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is an invaluable tool for businesses to have at their disposal. At a basic level, an ATS helps businesses automate admin tasks associated with recruitment processes, for example automatically parsing CVs so employers don't have to go through them manually and tracking applicants through the recruitment process. But an ATS can do much more than basic filtering and tracking of applications - it can also help businesses maximise efficiency throughout the recruitment process from Job Requisition to Onboarding. Below are some of our top tips for making the best use of Eploy's ATS to streamline the recruitment process, engage with candidates and get the right hire every time.

The Automating of Repetitive Tasks 

Many recruiters spend a great deal of time carrying out some of the more mundane, admin- heavy tasks linked to candidate sourcing and onboarding. ATS technology allows recruiters to automate tasks such as vacancy requisition, job posting, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and sending out offer letters. This saves time and effort that can be used elsewhere in the process on value add activity, such as engaging with candidates in a more personalised way or evaluating your recruitment performance. A good ATS also makes it easier to track every step of the recruitment process, work more effectively with hiring managers, HR teams and your PSL - and continually optimise your recruitment and hiring workflow.

Enhancing Candidate Experience 

Eploy's highly configurable applicant tracking system makes the hiring process easier for candidates by allowing them to easily apply online with just a few clicks, manage their data preferences, sign up for job alerts and keep informed of the progress of their applications. Candidates can also save applications and complete them at a later date. This helps improve the overall candidate experience and encourages them to stay engaged throughout the hiring process.

Leveraging Analytics 

An applicant tracking system should provide full insights into all aspects of your recruitment performance. This is vital in the quest for hiring perfection. Leveraging recruitment metrics can help you maximise your return on marketing investment, track your
performance toward diversity goals, optimise your process efficiency and prove the value
of your recruiting function to the leadership team. Recruiters should use this data to continuously tweak their talent strategies for greater success.

Tracking of Recruitment Metrics

An ATS should make it simpler to track key recruiting metrics such as time-to-hire, time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, ED&I statistics and applicant quality. This helps employers see how their recruiting efforts are performing and identify areas where they can improve. Our recruitment dashboards are highly customisable and can be aligned with a business’ overall hiring strategy.

Streamlining Candidate Onboarding

An ATS with onboarding functionality makes it easier to organise relevant documents, securely collect candidate information and send out contracts and forms electronically, and keep accurate records of new hire information. It also allows employers to easily find new hires’ data when it is needed most during the onboarding process.

By taking advantage of the features an ATS with onboarding offers, businesses can make their onboarding processes more efficient and successful than ever before, helping to fill positions faster and with the best candidates. 

Contact Eploy for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) 

At Eploy, we offer highly configurable Applicant Tracking Systems designed to help you find the best candidates for every job opening. Get in touch with our specialist team at Eploy to find out how we can help you meet your recruitment goals.


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