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Recruitment in the Health & Social Care sector can be extremely challenging. As a sector identified as acutely affected by candidate scarcity and with hiring levels expected to increase by up to 76% in 2022*, finding sufficient, suitably qualified people for your vacancies can be a struggle. 

Eploy's ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and Talent CRM is designed for Health & Social Care recruiters to take control of their hiring processes, working with hiring managers to make great hires collectively. Changes across the recruitment landscape and increasing competition for talent can be alleviated with Eploy's complete recruitment platform, directly addressing the challenges faced in health and social care.

12 reasons why Eploy is the best Applicant Tracking System for Health & Social Care

From care homes, hospitals, domiciliary care, nursing staff and support services, we are confident that we have the best recruitment software solution. Here's why…

  1. Combines Applicant Tracking, Recruitment CRM, Talent Pools and Analytics into a unified web-based platform
  2. Mobile responsive, work on the go, on any device
  3. Eploy tracks every requisition at each stage and provides the checks and balances needed for successful workforce planning and hiring
  4. Post your vacancies directly to NHS Jobs with Eploy's integration
  5. Advertise across job boards with ease – maximise return on job ad investment
  6. Speedy application screening – reduce time to hire
  7. Hiring manager autonomy through a dedicated, easy-to-use portal that ensures your processes are followed
  8. Talent pipeline management, build talent pools for future requirements
  9. The complete offer and onboarding process is accessible on any device. Automated document control and offer acceptance and contract signing online
  10. Powerful, self-service recruitment analytics alerting you to the things that need to get done
  11. Compliance – Multi-level GDPR consent management, digital and automated onboarding
  12. Integration and partners - Our Marketplace of partners and integrations is a one-stop shop to help you connect all of the tools in your talent acquisition workflows

Take a tour of the key ATS features you should be utilising to support the entire recruitment journey. 

"Through the implementation of Eploy and an accountable process with SLAs, we are creating a positive experience through relevant, on brand and timely communication which reduces our time to hire, previously a major issue. The length of time to conduct the required pre-employment checks and reference collection is notoriously long in the industry. We now have a realistic 9-week period from application to placement and are achieving this which is an improvement from an estimated 14 weeks prior to the project." Community Integrated Care
Full care & support service case study is available here

Here are some FAQ's answered

Does Eploy integrate with healthcare job boards? Yes, Eploy has many ready-to-go integrations for multi-posting services such as carehome.co.uk, Care and Health Jobs, Care and Nurse Jobs. What's more, Eploy has direct integrations with NHS Jobs and Indeed. Job listings from Eploy can also automatically include Indeed Apply!

What other systems will Eploy integrate with? Eploy integrates with HMRS, Accounts & Payroll systems as well as leading background screening & checking providers, to name a few!

With the Eploy API, you can connect the tools you use daily to our talent acquisition platform and deliver amazing experiences for everyone involved in the recruitment journey. Eploy's API enables customers and partners to build custom apps and enhancements to Eploy's Talent Acquisition platform.

We have a Partner Marketplace so you can extend your recruitment capability faster and smarter.

Does Eploy have a track record in the Health & Social Care Sector? Yes, Eploy is used for many kinds of Health and Social Care recruitment. And because we know each business is different, our features allow for an agile approach so you can flex and evolve your recruitment process. Whether you need name-blind applications, a multilingual solution, multiple workflows, or specific requirements on your careers site for multiple brands or business functions, we understand it's your recruitment process, so we can do things your way.

Applicant Tracking System & Recruitment Platform Support

- Are you tapping into your recruitment platform/talent CRM to proactively connect, nurture and search for your open positions?

- Can you monitor the most effective sourcing channels for the type of vacancies?

- Are you using your applicant tracking system to fine-tune job adverts and react quickly to vacancy requisitions? 

If not, then this is an excellent place to start. Not only will an applicant tracking system give you a competitive hiring advantage, but it will help to build and nurture talent pools. With the right tools, you can get your jobs in front of the right candidates with candidate-centric careers site content to build engagement - and automatically distribute relevant vacancies to the best job boards and search engines to ease the challenges faced.

Want to know more?

Take a tour of the key features and book your demo here to see Eploy in action. No hard sell, no strings, just some winning ideas to help in a 30-minute consultation.    

You can download a FREE copy of the 2021/22 UK Candidate Attraction Report for sector-specific insight and compare the results against peers.

*Source: UK Candidate Attraction Report 2021/22

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Let's keep you up to date...

Join the Eploy Recruitment Technology newsletter and we'll keep you posted when we have new downloadable resources, articles and news from the world of Recruitment Technology.