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According to the 2016 Candidate Attraction Survey, Candidate Scarcity is by far the biggest challenge facing both in-house and agency side recruiters. 

The report examines the opinion of over 600 UK based recruiters, across all industries and organisation sizes. It has debunked the myth that candidate scarcity is only an issue for STEM industries. It also sheds light on a wider candidate scarcity issue affecting the UK jobs market.


How Can the Candidate Attraction Report Help You?

The report identifies which sourcing channels are providing the best quantity and quality of candidates.  The report can help recruiters to identify new candidate attraction techniques. It also indicates the channels  that are underperforming in each sector. This can help recruiters optimise their recruitment advertising and marketing budget.

How to read the Sourcing Quadrants

The Sourcing Quadrant plots each candidate sourcing channel based on the perceived quantity and quality of candidates it generates. For example, a channel at the centre point of the quadrants indicates that it produces reasonable numbers of candidates of sufficient quality.

Channels that appear in the upper two quadrants generate higher quality candidates (e.g. Channels A & B). Channels that produce above average quantities of candidates appear in the two right hand quadrants (e.g. Channels A & D). The green quadrant, produces both higher quality and higher quantities of candidates (e.g. Channel A). Whereas channels in the red quadrant (e.g. Channel C) appear to be under-performing for both quality and quantity.

Where is the ideal point in the quadrant?

This, of course, will depend on the types of roles you are recruiting. For example, with higher volume, lower skill roles you may be willing to sacrifice quality for more quantity (e.g. Channel D)- in which case the lower right quadrant may be suitable for focusing your efforts. Similarly, an excessive volume of candidates can be problematic. Too many applications can increase administrative burden on recruitment teams.

By assessing channels in this way, the report provides a snapshot of the each sourcing channel in each industry sector.

Click here to download the 2016 Candidate Attraction Report to get in-depth insights for planning your candidate attraction strategy.

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