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Modern recruitment software is about more than just in house recruitment teams- there are important stakeholders to consider, both external and internal. All stakeholders have very different needs. Hiring managers, for example need to be able to quickly review and progress candidates. But in many cases, the reality is far from the ideal. Hiring managers can become disenfranchised quickly if their stakeholder needs are not met.

Hiring managers are a central cog in the recruitment process of many organisations. In fact, their importance is consistent with organisations of all sizes reporting that hiring managers do around a quarter of all candidate sourcing.

So what are the digital wants and needs of this key stakeholder group? Here some of things that might be on a hiring manager's checklist.


Job requisitions

First and foremost, hiring managers need to be able to raise job vacancies in order to kick start the recruitment process. In many cases, a vacancy template, created from a library of approved roles would expedite the job requisition process.


Talent Pools

Hiring managers, being responsible for a porition of candidate sourcing, may wish to access your talent pool of exisiting candidates. Allowing them to do so through a dedicated hiring manager portal could make their life easier- rather than accessing the talent pool through the full backend recruitment software.


Process Optimisation

Hiring managers need to be able to quickly review candidate applications and either reject or advance them. This review process needs to be mobiel responsive- allowing hiring managers to review candidates and provide feedback on the go.

Candidate Assessment

Ultimately, hiring  managers want to be able to be able to review candidates. Interview slot pickers and the ability to review candidate references easily enable hiring managers to move the hiring process on quickly.

Download the full Checklist.



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