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The biggest concern for recruiters is how they can maintain control over temporary workers and simply manage areas such as equal pay rights in accordance with the Agency Worker Regulations.

Our response to this is that Eploy’s single applicant tracking and recruitment management software can easily automate all of these processes because it contains a full temporary and contract management system that can cater for quick placements of candidates, timesheet entry, rate management and weekly billing.

It also contains built in tools for exporting placement and time sheet information into external payroll systems such as Sage Payroll.

Eploy will also easily integrate with your website to enable online timesheet entry and authorisation by everyone involved in the hiring process - candidates, hiring managers and agencies. This not only reduces administration time and overall cost, but provides a centralised communications portal for monitoring the placements of temporary and contract workers.

Here is a more definitive list to show what features Eploy’s offers to ensure that recruiters can manage the tasks simply and effectively, and in line with the Agency Worker Regulations:


  • Specialist temporary & contract recruitment software ensures your critical weekly billing activities are performed in a timely and accurate manner, with minimum effort
  • Quickly assign candidates to temporary positions and monitor their progress.
  • Store multiple pay rates and charges for each client
  • Automate the processing of timesheets and subsequent client billing
  • Multiple time sheet processing
  • Intuitive online timesheet software enables fully mobile access for remote time sheet entry & on site record checking
  • Payroll / Accounts integration • Integration with outsourced payroll / composite / umbrella companies
  • Support for various candidate payment methods e.g. PAYE, Ltd Company etc.
  • Invoice generation
  • Removes the need for multiple systems & paper based dependency

About Agency Worker Regulations

The EU Directive ‘Agency Worker Regulations 2010’ came into force in the UK in October 2011. The directive sets out to provide equal treatment for temporary agency workers in relation to basic working and employment conditions, access to permanent employment and amenities and to improve access to training.

The key points of the Directive are that agency workers are entitled to the same basic terms and conditions as those directly employed by the user employer. There is a 12-week qualifying period before this entitlement comes into effect.

In terms of the changes to basic terms and conditions, the regulations:

  • Include basic salary, contractual leave that exceeds statutory leave, over-time payments, unsociable hours premium, restrictions on night work, rest breaks, personal performance bonus, (such as piecework, but not company profit sharing or share ownership scheme).
  • Not include contractual sick pay scheme, contractual notice or redundancy pay, occupational pension contributions or contractual maternity / paternity / parental leave in excess of statutory entitlement.


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