According to the 2017 Candidate Attraction Survey, candidate scarcity is once again the biggest challenge facing in-house recruiters and salaries being lower than market average is seen as the second most significant challenge (38%), a substantial increase on 2016. 

The report examines the opinion of over 700 UK based recruiters, across all industries and organisation sizes. It breaks down the barriers that recruiters face and looks at the differences between agency vs in house and industries/organisation size.

How Can the Candidate Attraction Report Help You?

The report identifies which sourcing channels are providing the best quantity and quality of candidates and examines contributing factors to the top sources.

The report will help recruiters to understand the most and least effective channels, in their respective sectors, to optimise recruitment advertising and marketing budgets; displayed in easy to understand quadrants plotting against low and high quantity and quality of candidates to visually show the most effective and under-performing channels.


The report also looks at the typical candidate sourcing workflows for both in-house and agency recruiters which gives good food for thought into existing processes against what the survey shows is most effective when planning your candidate attraction strategy.

Where is the ideal point in the quadrant?

This, of course, will depend on the types of roles you are recruiting. For example, with higher volume, lower skill roles you may be willing to sacrifice quality for more quantity in which case the lower right quadrant may be suitable for focusing your efforts. Similarly, an excessive volume of candidates can be problematic. Too many applications can increase the administrative burden on recruitment teams.

By assessing channels in this way, the report provides a snapshot of the each sourcing channel in each industry sector.

Last year’s report went on to be a valuable resource for thousands of in-house and agent recruiters.    The 2017 report is free and can be downloaded here to get in-depth insights for planning your candidate attraction strategy.

Thanks to all 700+ recruiters who responded and gave valuable insight into the changing world of candidate attraction. As a thank you for inputting to the survey we entered respondents who left their details into a prize draw to win £250 Amazon vouchers. The lucky winner selected at random was Laura Lefeuvre, Recruitment Manager at AEG Europe. We surprised Laura this week and her response was “Wow! That’s amazing – thank you so much”.

Enjoy Laura – we hope you get yourself something nice with your vouchers!

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