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Recruitment software is designed to make the process for all recruitment stakeholders more manageable. From candidates to hiring managers- it is important for recruitment software to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

But there is one stakeholder group that use recruitment software day in, day out. For this unique group, the features and reliability of a recruitment system can make or break their day.

So what features do recruiters need and want from their recruitment software?

Job Requisition 

It goes without saying that one of the main job functions for recruiters is to raise and advertise jobs. Often this will be in conjunction with a hiring manager in order to ensure the job passes through the approval process.

Recruiters want to be able to do this quickly and efficiently- posting to as many channels as possible. If using a multiposter, such as Broadbean or Jobmate,  a seamless integration with their recruitment software is vital to ensure job details are distributed accurately.

Talent Pooling

In times of candidate scarcity, talent pools come into their own as valuable recruitment tools. Recruiters need to create talent pools of candidates segmented by skills, location, experience or availability.

By communicating with candidates directly through the system, recruiters can nurture talent pools and keep existing candidates up to date with recruitment tips, news and company culture information.

Candidate Assessment

Recruiters need to be able to assess candidate's suitability and progress them through the recruitment workflow easily.

During the workflow communication with candidates is key. Recruiters need to be able to schedule and record details of phone calls, emails and SMS communications with candidates for a variety of reasons.


Finally recruiters need to play their part in the onboarding process, ensuring compliance and making sure that candidates are kept warm throughout.

Download the full checklist here.


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