Solving the E-Recruitment Puzzle

End-to-End E-Recruitment with Eploy

Recorded on 28th May 15.30 (GMT)

Solving-the-E-Recruitment-Puzzle-(1).pngEnd-to-end e-Recruitment is now the industry rule, rather than the exception. It all begins with the job requisition and ends with on-boarding the successful applicant.

Candidates, Hiring Managers, and Recruitment professionals alike have high expectations of the e-Recruitment process. But keeping all stakeholders happy can feel like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube- completing one side creates havoc on another. Can your ATS meet the expectations of all stakeholders?

 Join us for a webinar to see why award winning recruitment teams at top companies like Matalan, GKN, Delaware North and Oxford Instruments trust Eploy to solve their e-recruitment puzzle. Eploy can help you to:
  • Manage vacancies from requisition to onboarding
  • Deliver a stellar candidate experience
  • Build and nurture talent pools
  • Communicate employer brand consistently
  • Maintain control of processes and compliance
  • Track recruitment metrics and analytics


​Watch and learn...

  1. How to manage vacancies from requisition to onboarding
  2. How to deliver a stellar candidate experience
  3. How to build and nuture your talent pool
  4. How to maintain control of processes and compliance
  5. Which recruitment metrics to track

Watch the Webinar

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