Click to download the dull Oxford Instruments E-Recruitment Case StudyOxford Instruments, a leading provider of high technology tools and systems for industry and research, has become the first company to benefit from Eploy's new mobile-enhanced, multi-lingual web platform - Eploy Connect.

The transfer to the new web platform comes just a year after the global, UK-based company invested in Eploy's applicant tracking and talent management software to help manage direct recruiting in-house - this has already resulted in Oxford Instruments saving £500,000 a year.

Now with the new Eploy web platform, Oxford Instrument's candidates can expect a more advanced level of technical sophistication and social integration from the company's career website, as well as enhanced accessibility to all the software's features from their mobile and tablet devices.

Chris Bogh, Eploy's Technical Director, explains: "Over the last 2 years, we have invested more than £¾ million in R&D to create this new technology so that we can give our customers more than just a 'mobile friendly' site. It's about being 'mobile enhanced', giving all users of the system - recruiters, hiring managers and candidates - a full desktop experience while on the move."

Vicki Potter, Oxford Instruments' Recruitment Manager, said having an integrated mobile-enhanced platform is essential because statistics show that more than 40% of people now access websites via mobile technology first.

"As an international company respected for its technical expertise, our career portal needed to reflect the latest technology and be fully mobile accessible," she said. "This is important for our employer brand to be highly credible. We want to lead the way in attracting the best talent internationally. Today, candidates, especially from the technology world, expect to be able to access and interact with a company website whilst on the move and from any mobile device."

"It was also important that our career portal connected to our social media channels, where we have a loyal international following," continued Vicki. "The new mobile-intelligent search and interactive map facilities helps a candidate search for jobs by location and allows them to share them on social networks. The feedback so far is that it is being really well received."

She said the additional advantage of having an Eploy-powered recruitment portal is that it seamlessly integrates with Oxford Instruments' existing corporate website. This creates a consistent corporate image and a more unified and fluid experience for candidates.

"After taking the decision a couple of years ago to move all our global recruitment requirements for permanent positions in-house, it has been crucial that we present a consistent image across everything we do, so potential candidates know and understand what the Oxford Instruments brand stands for," explained Vicki. "A seamless corporate image across all our web platforms is an essential part of that, and Eploy offers us excellent tools to deliver on this.

"Plus, because all information is centrally stored, tracked (including social media channels) and reported at source, I now know exactly what the recruitment costs are and where there are performance gaps in each international region in which we operate, which is important as the company continues to grow rapidly," she added.

Not only has Eploy created a bespoke platform that fits in with Oxford Instruments' corporate policy, it has also created a multi-lingual version of the career portal, initially German but more languages will follow.

"As an international company this is absolutely essential," said Vicki. "English is an international business language, but it's respectful when building close relationships with candidates to communicate in their native language. It's a key part of our inclusive values and integrity as a company."

Chris Bogh adds: "Progressive organisations like Oxford Instruments are thinking much more carefully and cleverly about how potential candidates can access and interact with their career portal.

"By becoming the first company to transfer to a completely mobile-compliant platform, Oxford Instruments is way ahead of its competitors. Eploy Connect allows them to manage multiple recruitment activities centrally by linking recruitment portals, social media, and communication via email and SMS into a single automated system."

Vicki concluded: "We are proud to be the first company to pioneer Eploy's new web platform, and through the transition it was evident that it was a priority for them to get it right. The support and service we received during the process was excellent."

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