Gala Coral Group, one of Europe’s leading betting and gaming companies, launched their new Eploy-powered careers site ( in April 2016. With Eploy, Gala Coral Group has consolidated E-Recruitment on a single platform designed for the specific needs of each group company. Encompassing Coral Retail, which has over 1850 UK retail outlets, Interactive, Support Centre, Customer Support & Stadia – the new solution covers the full recruitment journey from job requisition through to onboarding.

A year on from launch, Gala Coral are continuing to reap the rewards of moving to a modern Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment CRM with built-in, self-service dashboards & analytics.

Recruitment Challenge

Before implementing Eploy, Gala Coral were using software that they felt was not fit for purpose. “The system we were previously using wasn’t great, and that affected the relationship we had with our technology partner,” explained Su Britter, Head of Talent and Development at Gala Coral Group. “We were losing 80 - 90% of candidates through the candidate journey. One of the biggest reasons for the high dropout rate was that candidate’s had to duplicate so much information from their CVs into online forms.”

In addition to their issues with the candidate experience, the limited reporting features in their legacy recruitment software meant that the Recruitment, HR & Payroll teams were all unable to measure, monitor and gain insight into their recruitment process.

The Solution

Following an in-depth tendering process, Gala Coral Group chose Eploy as their preferred technology partner. With Eploy, Gala Coral Group received a world-class recruitment technology package including:

• A modern, mobile-responsive careers site that candidates can access on mobile, tablet and desktop.

• A greatly improved candidate experience – candidates can quickly register on with their social profile (including Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn) and upload their CV from cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. CV’s are automatically parsed into Eploy’s Applicant Tracking System.

• Seamless, bi-directional integration with Powermeeter’s video interviewing system.

• Onboarding – including reference collection, new join forms and digital contract signing.

• Comprehensive self-service recruitment business intelligence and metrics, delivered through Eploy’s awarding winning Dashboards.

• Hiring Manager web portal, offering streamlined task-based recruitment for hiring managers across the group

• Flexible recruitment workfl ow, enabling the unique process requirements of each group division to be accommodated without the need for multiple systems.

The Results

Within the first year Eploy had already delivered a significant improvement in the company’s recruitment function. “We focused very hard on improving the candidate experience”, explains Britter. Candidate dropout rate is now closer to 19% which represents an improvement of 61%. The careers site alone receives over 750,000 visitors a year and almost 4 million page views.

“In general, we are very happy with Eploy- both with the technology and the relationship we have we them,” explained Britter. “One of the things we like most about Eploy is that they are willing to listen to feedback.”

Eploy’s implementation methodology is very much based around a collaborative approach. The unique approach means that customer’s feedback on designs and processes is extremely important to the overall finished product.

“We’re delighted that we’ve been able to support the Gala Coral team in gaining control over their candidate experience, and gain valuable insights into their recruitment function through Eploy Dashboards and metrics. The future looks bright for the now Ladbrokes Coral Group and we look forward to continuing to help them meet and exceed their hiring goals,” said Eploy CTO Chris Bogh.

Key stakeholders throughout the business have rapidly adopted the new recruitment platform. “If it didn’t work, we’d hear about it!” said Britter. “It’s a bit like getting paid: you only complain if something is wrong, but Eploy just works.”

Dashboards and Analytics

When asked ‘What specific area of Eploy do you rely on the most?’, Su replied, “That’s an easy one, metrics and dashboards, without a doubt.” Eploy’s award winning* metrics and dashboards allow Gala Coral to report on all aspects of their recruitment process, from accurately analysing the source of applicants through to tracking the efficiency of the onboarding process.

As Eploy dashboards and metrics are completely self-service - it means that teams within each business unit and department are able to access their own KPIs – from retail to customer support, hiring managers to payroll administrators.

The Future

Since implementing Eploy there have been some big changes at The Gala Coral Group, most notably the £2.3bn merger with Ladbrokes Plc. Now trading as the Ladbrokes Coral Group Plc, the merger has provided the group with the opportunity to be the biggest, best and most admired business in the betting and gaming industry.

Selecting the right recruitment software for the group would be crucial to achieving these goals. Following the successful implementation of Eploy at The Gala Coral Group, the newly formed Ladbrokes Coral Group has selected Eploy as its chosen recruitment software partner across the entire group. “We’re delighted to be able to continue our relationship with Gala Coral, and build a new relationship with the Ladbrokes team,” said Eploy CTO Chris Bogh.

In addition to working on implementing a structure for the newly formed group, Eploy is also being rolled out to operational centres in Tel Aviv, Israel and Manila, the Philippines. “When we mentioned the Eploy metrics engine to our overseas operations, they were very impressed and wanted similar reporting functionality,” said Su Britter.

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