"In a market swamped with recruitment software providers, it was flexibility and 
responsiveness that made Eploy standout from the crowd" - Armando Canales, General Operations Manager - ARRK Technical Services

The Company

ARRK Technical Services is part of the ARRK Global Network, the largest prototyping, tooling and moulding manufacturer in the world, as well as a leading product design and engineering company. With more than 20,000 employees, ARRK has facilities in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, China, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Poland and the UK. With over 15 years of experience in technical recruitment, the recruitment division handles contract and permanent assignments for its own internal needs as well as for clients nationally and internationally, including Project Engineers, Project Managers, Automotive Designers, Clay Modellers, Electrical Engineers, CAD Engineers, Quality Engineers, Powertrain Engineers and CAE Analysts.

The Challenge

ARRK had for many years utilised its own in-house system in combination with a leading client server recruitment system to drive the recruitment function within the organisation. This had its limitations due to reliance on the company's networking capabilities between its UK satellite offices and the power of the tools required to undertake complex search functions and manage the contract and permanent placements. In addition, the system worked independently of its web portal and offered little flexibility.

After a company restructure in 2007, ARRK seized the opportunity to improve its recruitment system and turned to Eploy to deliver a tailored solution, that would address both candidate expectations and business operational performance. This would include a hosted web based service that was accessible from any location, fast, reliable and secure and offered the processing power needed to deliver results.

The Solution

Following a thorough review of leading worldwide vendors and service delivery options, ARRK selected Eploy's ASP solution based on its flexibility, functionality and cost model. "At the time Eploy was the only company offering an ASP solution and that was also willing to customise its system and create key tools to suit our specific needs. Also the cost model was very attractive with a low-risk initial cost outlay - they were by far the best," said Armando Canales, General Operations Manager for ARRK Technical Services Limited.

Once the system was set-up, and staff trained, Eploy, who offer a number of added value services also designed and built a new recruitment website for ARRK, which fully integrates with Eploy to further save costs and reduce administration. "The website is very user-friendly and now the majority of our registrations come via this site. It is working far better than we could ever have expected," continued Armando.

The Result

The introduction of Eploy has resulted in a streamlined service that allows greater responsiveness to ARRK's business and customers. The service is no longer reliant on ARRK's IT infrastructure, allowing IT resource to be directed in other areas of the business. Integration of services through the Web portal has delivered a unified approach to recruitment and facilitated improved communication across its UK satellite offices.

Importantly, ARRK's consultants are also now able to remotely access candidates' contact details and CV information from Eploy's internet-based system whenever required and from wherever they happen to be. "The evolution of laptops, tablets and smartphones has created a 'must have it now' business culture, so for many of our consultants who are often out of the office on client visits, or working from home or at other office locations, having remote and secure access to information has become an essential part of our everyday life," said Armando.

"As a forward thinking global company, we are continually assessing the latest developments including the new ASP solution providers, but in general most of them deliver a similar solution. Therefore one has to assess the added value elements of the software provider, and Eploy, in our opinion, go above and beyond their competitors; yes it is important that they have over 10 years experience in providing ASP software solutions and continue to be innovative, but what ultimately makes them different is their flexibility and their responsiveness to our business needs," concluded Armando.

ARRK now plans to roll-out the Eploy system across its European offices.
"Each new client has brought fresh challenges and different methods of working so we have continued to develop a recruiting system that can easily be tailored to suit all. AARK is a good example of how we work in partnership with our clients to develop new tools that can also benefit other customers. As a result the software continues to evolve and be innovative." - Christopher Bogh, Technical Director, Eploy.

Visit ARRK's Eploy-powered website at www.arrkrecruitment.com.

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