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The Recruitment Challenge

allpay wanted to streamline and improve their recruitment process and enhance the candidate journey, realising an ATS/E-recruitment system would improve their capability. Historically, recruitment was predominantly managed through CV submissions on the allpay website and over email, followed by a completely manual candidate journey that needed an overhaul.

They were looking for an ATS solution that aligned to their careers site, jobs boards providers and IT roadmap, allowing features for API capability when required.

A growing number of challenges were apparent through managing the process manually, and a large proportion of the HR team and hiring managers time was spent on administering the end-to-end recruitment cycle. A business case was developed to highlight areas of a heightened risk in the following areas, to name a few:

• Data Protection (GDPR and potential ICO breaches), through the handling of CV’s and right up to onboarding across the business. In addition, the inability of being able to effectively manage requests such as the right to be forgotten to the required standard.

• Duplicated candidates and agency fees, with a manual process data is spread across various locations and the risk of not spotting candidate representation and duplicated CV’s is high.

• Employee brand, risk of inaccurate messages to candidates and reputational damage.

• Retention, if candidates have not had a positive journey through to offer stage, they are more likely to continue looking elsewhere.

Uncovering the need

On average, there are typically 20 allpay vacancies active in any one month, this can stretch up to around 40 plus at peak times. The risk of managing these vacancies through a manual process considerably increases when recruiting for 10 plus roles. Moving to an automated process would allow the HR Team to add more value in the right areas of the recruitment process.

The allpay team focussed on the following areas of improvement:

• Vacancy management allowing hiring managers to have more empowerment and ownership over their recruitment process.

• Candidate attraction allowing a selfservice approach for candidates to manage their data and applications.

• Talent pooling of candidates for future talent.

• Onboarding enabling electronic contracts of employment with e-signatures and preemployment information to be securely managed and where possible automated.

• Agency management ensuring that the right roles and agreements are in place to manage agency efficiency.

• Reporting and dashboards to ease KPI reporting and deeper analysis on methods of attraction.

This will ensure future focus on methods of attraction and maintaining a strong correlation with the recruitment budget spend.

“Features to support addressing these challenges would ease the process from a HR and hiring manager perspective and further throughout the wider business. We wanted a tool to position us alongside, and potentially overtake, the competition in the war for talent.” Nicola Everett, HR Operations Manager, allpay.

Having previously structured the team to include a Resourcing Manager, it was realised that the HR team could absorb recruitment if the right tools were in place, such as an ATS. This would not only generate a cost saving for the business but provide vital investment in technology to grow with the organisation. In the interim, absorbing this into the team caused a number of challenges with workload and ability to deliver key projects across the business.

Having a carefully thought out strategy, allpay’s deliverables were to implement and configure a cloud hosted applicant tracking system including:

• Project plan with the chosen provider
• Aligned allpay policies and procedures
• Capability for single sign on, Active Directory sync and API for future use
• Integration with internal systems and external jobs boards and CV databases, where possible
• Data protection management and the ability for candidates to selfmanage their data under GDPR
• A truly engaging onboarding experience
• Training and user guides across the business Implementing Eploy

Eploy was selected as being best placed to support the delivery of the allpay strategy and future growth and would further help them comply with their obligations as a data controller as well as with single sign on and two-factor authentication for system access.

The timeline for implementation was 12 weeks, rolled-out in stages for a smooth transition and data migration. The implementation of Eploy realised efficiencies across the following areas:

• HR team - time focused on adding value into the right areas of the recruitment process. Working with hiring managers through their campaign management and on the speed, quality, cost model to determine priorities.
• Hiring Managers - ease of managing candidates and the process. • Candidates - increased attraction and an improved candidate journey.
• HR team being able to match the demand and requests from around the business to support on projects and workstreams.

The HR team support the campaign management of roles at several levels across the organisation either at hiring manager, heads of or director level. The flexibility of using Eploy meant it could be used across the organisation with varying levels of authorisation and customisation - a major win for collaborating across the business. Hiring managers had empowerment and ownership of the recruitment process through use of the Eploy Hiring Manager portal that gave them the tools to work together to collectively make great hires.

There is now a seamless link for candidates via the allpay careers page navigation to access the diverse scope of roles on offer through a dedicated branded Candidate Portal. This has improved the candidate experience, empowering candidates to register, apply and track their applications, submit to the allpay talent pool and accept job offers - all from one central hub.

Nicola Everett, HR Operations Manager at allpay commented on the implementation “We now have a truly customisable talent platform that supports us across the recruitment journey. We are looking forward to utilising the full measurement capabilities within Eploy dashboards to focus on the right activities, monitor our KPIs and collaborate better as a team”.


Results & Improvements

Eploy was implemented on time and within budget and quickly realised benefits across the business:

• Reviewed and aligned allpay policies and procedures automated within Eploy for faster, smarter recruitment success.
• Increased security with single sign on and API for future use.
• Integration with internal systems, external jobs boards and CV databases.
• Data protection management and the ability for candidates to self-manage their data and opt-out under GDPR.
• Dedicated careers site integrated to the main corporate allpay website to deliver the best possible online experience for candidates while building a talent pool.
• Empowered hiring managers with ownership across the recruitment process to easily review and provide feedback to candidates and colleagues through use of a Hiring Manager portal.
• A truly engaging and automated onboarding experience including reference collection to signing NDA’s, with auditable trail.
• Training across the business delivered for a true collaborative approach with our new way of working.
• Financial savings were achieved by not replacing a Resourcing Manager and improving how the team worked.

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