About idibu

Create a constant pipeline of fresh talent, delivered directly into Eploy with our job multi-posting service. idibu posts your jobs across the net in minutes attracting candidates from job boards, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We hit over 750 global job boards as well as all major aggregators such as Indeed, JobRapido etc.

Some key benefits…

  • Our platform integrates perfectly with Eploy
  • Saves time (that you can invest elsewhere)
  • Increases exposure & brand awareness to a bigger audience of jobseekers
  • Quickly attracts fresh talent in to compliment existing talent pools
  • All your jobs in one place makes it easier to manage

Measure it! Get maximum ROI from your online spend

Find out which attraction channels are working for you and which aren’t with our advanced reporting suite.
  • Reporting suite gives you all the data you need to measure ROI
  • Track application source and measure performance
  • Cutting edge integrations including Zapier let you automate processes way beyond job advertising

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