Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement from Eploy

Eploy has contingency measures in place to ensure continuity of service to our customers in the event Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation escalates. Actions taken thus far include re-testing our Business Continuity Plan (ESEC-BC-01), which ensures that all staff, systems and processes continue to perform at the optimal level and that all members of the team understand how the business continuity process works. 

In addition, we have catered for working at a reduced number of staff in the event employees contract the virus, and we have worked with our supply chain to ensure they can continue to provide services.

Currently, we have instructed Eploy staff not to travel unnecessarily, to conduct all meetings online via Zoom or Skype, and take the option of working from home. Although working from home is commonplace for our employees, we have nevertheless rigorously tested our remote working and business continuity systems, along with those of our datacentres partners. We are confident in our ability to continue to operate as normal. This includes continuing to implement current and new projects, as well as providing support to existing customers.

Eploy will continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and advise staff and customers accordingly.

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