Candidates who have registered with an Eploy Customer

Eploy is a software product used by hundreds of companies to manage their recruitment. You might have seen our logo on a website and come here to read our privacy policy, but if you have applied for a job with one of our customers and want to exercise your right as a data subject you will need to contact them directly.

We do not have access to customer data and so will be unable to help with your request. If you cannot carry out the request by logging into the customer's careers site you could try looking at their privacy statement which will provide contact details to help you. Importantly, it needs to be the privacy policy of the company you applied to and not ours (unless you have applied for a job directly with us).

If you still need assistance after contacting the company directly, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Third Party Apps 

Some customers use an optional feature that allows you to log in with LinkedIn, Google or Facebook - this saves time and reduces the number of passwords you have to remember. If you choose to use these apps they collect very basic information such as name and email address, this information is not used for anything other than for the purposes described below: 

Register with Google
Eploy uses the Google app on behalf of Eploy customers to let you register on their careers sites. In that process, Name, Email, and OpenID are used and displayed to you on your registration form. They are also stored in the customer database upon submission.

Login with Google
If you have previously registered with Google, you can log back into the portal using your Google account. OpenID is used to identify your record in the database.

Google Drive
In this process, you can choose to upload your files (such as CV) stored on your Google drive. The chosen files are stored in the customer database. You can review the files and delete them if needed.

Google Calendar
In this process, you can see your Google calendar overlaid on top of the application calendar to see events. No data is stored and it is only for display purposes. Only the readonly access is requested for that process.

Register and Login with LinkedIn or Facebook
As with the Google app and when used on a customer career site we make use of these apps to make registering or signing back into their career site more convenient. If you choose to use either of these apps, name, email and (if configured) your profile picture are displayed to you on your registration form. They are also stored in the customer database upon submission.

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