Working with HR

As much as your service will ease the pressure on the HR department, they may still want to be heavily involved in the recruitment process.

Eploy can accommodate as much or as little involvement as required to suit the processes of your university. HR could take the role of a hiring manager and conduct their activities through the hiring manager portal or if they’d like to play a bigger part in the process they can be granted access to the core recruitment platform.


With Eploy, it's up to you.



Your hiring manager website

Your hiring manager website

If HR take the role of a hiring manager they can access Eploy through the dedicated hiring manager portal. Profiles can be customised to grant access to more information or allow system set-up capabilities depending on the level of involvement they require.

Customisable workflow

Workflows within Eploy can be configured to ensure all of your recruitment stakeholders follow the correct processes. Workflows can also be customised to suit the requirements of different role types or recruitment campaigns within your University. For example, a campaign to find a high number of temporary seasonal workers may require a different set of actions to those of a part time permanent position.

Customisable workflow
Configurable user profiles

Configurable user profiles

Eploy's user profiles can be configured to allow different permissions depending on the user's role in the process. You can grant access to some functionality within the system but keep others off limits to keep control of your recruitment processes and ensure a consistent service.

Integrating with existing systems

Eploy plays nicely with other systems and can integrate with internal payroll and HRIS systems as well as a number of third party products such as online psychometric testing and job multi-posting services.

Integrating with existing systems
Reporting tools

Reporting tools

Whether HR can crunch the numbers themselves, or you need to provide regular performance updates, Eploy’s suite of reports can provide a wealth of data and statistics to satisfy everyone's needs.

To ensure your are providing a compliant service - eligibility to work, equal opportunities and AWR can be easily reported on and shared with the relevant teams.

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To enhance this management process further, the system is also programmed to automatically send email alerts to notify Hiring Manager’s of outstanding timesheets and to generate custom Payroll and HR Financial monthly reports.

Zoe Arch, ArtsTemps Co ordinator

ArtsTemps, University of the Arts London

We believe recruitment is about relationships

That's why we've engineered Eploy Recruitment Software to ensure you have the tools to meet your university recruiting objectives. So you can attract candidates, engage with your students and managers, and run an efficient job shop or temp agency.

Top features for working with HR

  • Hiring manager portal
  • Customisable workflow
  • Configurable user profiles
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Equal opportunities reports
  • AWR reports
  • Eligibility to work reports
  • File upload
  • Customisable reports

What's your biggest recruitment challenge?

Eploy Recruitment Software is designed to help universities recruit faster and smarter, find out how we help you meet your objectives...

We believe

Running a university job shop or temp agency service is always challenging. Fortunately Eploy’s world-class recruitment software solutions make it much, much easier. 

Eploy recruitment software is precision-engineered to work on every platform and add value to every stage of the recruitment journey. We automate and simplify processes to attract, engage and employ candidates quickly. With a high degree of measurability, you can track costs and identify performance gaps accurately.

Our software is reinforced with market-leading mentoring and cross-sector expertise so you get training and support to achieve a powerful commercial advantage.