Migrating data to Eploy

If you’re looking to move on from your current supplier, make sure you get custody of your data in the split. Data migration from one system to another can be a complicated process as databases are configured differently. We have successfully migrated data into Eploy from many of the 'leading' recruitment systems - so, for our new clients, it’s business as usual - no soul-destroying manual data inputting and no starting from scratch. The same applies if your database is a myriad of Word and Excel documents, as CVs and spreadsheets can be bulk uploaded to populate your database without having to copy and paste or re-type.
Importing and uploading CVs

Importing and uploading CVs

With Eploy you can upload CVs as Word docs, RTF....even as PDF - individually or in bulk. Existing candidate records will be updated and new candidates automatically created and populated with information from the CVs. 

Migrating data from other software systems

If you’re upgrading to Eploy from a legacy recruitment system we'll work tirelessly to get your valuable data into Eploy - so that you can really profit from the new tools and technologies at your fingertips. We've successfully migrated many clients from most of the 'leading' recruitment systems - even old-fashioned Client/Server systems - and helped them take advantage of modern cloud-based recruitment software. Get in touch for details of software systems we have successfully migrated data from for our clients...and start making the move to faster, smarter recruitment.
Migrating data from other software systems

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Eploy demonstrated the expertise that was required to migrate such a large database that would allow it to power all of Nuparc’s complex recruitment requirements and talent pool.

Darren Day, Director of Recruitment Services


We believe recruitment is about relationships

That's why we've engineered Eploy Recruitment Software to ensure you have the tools to meet your recruiting objectives. So you can attract and engage with the best candidates and forge long-term partnerships with your clients.

Top features for data migration

  • CV import tool
  • EployMail

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Finding candidates who are the perfect fit for your vacancies while simultaneously developing new business opportunities is always challenging. Fortunately Eploy’s world-class recruitment software makes it much, much easier.

We’ve been helping ambitious recruitment agencies move to the cloud and recruit faster and smarter since 1998. Eploy is precision-engineered to work on every platform and add value to every stage of the recruitment journey.