Investing for the present and the future

Experienced, flexible, great listener, GSOH would like to meet ambitious recruiters for long term relationship. We don’t know about you, but we’re not looking for a fling, we’re in it for the long haul so we’ve engineered Eploy to be configurable to meet your requirements. As your business grows access additional features of the system and add-on other Eploy products, if you need to down-size for a period you can turn off user licenses. With Eploy you’ll have a life-partner, a system that can support your recruitment business whichever path you take. We are constantly developing Eploy to address new challenges for recruiters, incorporate advances in recruitment and take advantage of new technologies - you’re not standing still and neither are we.
Built on customer feedback

Built on customer feedback

Eploy wasn’t built on a developer’s whim or our interpretation of how you should be recruiting, it has been engineered over years of client feedback and requests. As a result you can be confident that you’re purchasing a system that has been created with the recruiter in mind, not a one-size-fits-all software package that expects you to change your ways.

It's all in-house

Everything we do, we do ourselves. Our Sales, Support and Development Teams are all under the same roof, over-working the coffee machine and regularly meeting to share new product developments and sharing customer best-practice. Because of this you can be sure your brief won’t get lost in translation and that there will be a real collaborative team effort to give you the functionality you need.
It's all in-house
Easy, convenient upgrades

Easy, convenient upgrades

As a web-based product switching on, upgrading, down-sizing and updating Eploy can be done quickly and remotely from our offices. No calling or emailing to arrange on-site visits for us to install software or upgrade servers. And because it’s so easy we’re regularly rolling out new and improved versions of the system with no inconvenience to you.

The very knowledgeable Team Eploy

At Eploy we're not just about providing faster, smarter recruitment software. Our customer success team, Team Eploy, are at hand to ensure your implementation goes smoothly. So whether you need training or mentoring; customisation or integration; whether you need a new recruitment website or want to give candidates and clients their own web-based portal - Team Eploy will ensure your project runs on-time and on-budget.
The very knowledgeable Team Eploy

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Minimal Risk

With their attention to detail and listening to our changing requirements whilst our business has grown. I highly recommend them to enhance your company.

Jill Cole, Recruitment Director

Minimal Risk

We believe recruitment is about relationships

That's why we've engineered Eploy Recruitment Software to ensure you have the tools to meet your recruiting objectives. So you can attract and engage with the best candidates and forge long-term partnerships with your clients.

Top features for investing in the present and the future

  • Cloud based
  • In-house development
  • Training packages
  • Support resources

What's your biggest recruitment challenge?

Eploy Recruitment Software is designed to help ambitious agencies recruit smarter and faster, find out how we help you meet your objectives...

We believe

Finding candidates who are the perfect fit for your vacancies while simultaneously developing new business opportunities is always challenging. Fortunately Eploy’s world-class recruitment software makes it much, much easier.

We’ve been helping ambitious recruitment agencies move to the cloud and recruit faster and smarter since 1998. Eploy is precision-engineered to work on every platform and add value to every stage of the recruitment journey.