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Keeping your talent pool up to date and regularly adding and refreshing its members can be a challenge for many in-house recruitment teams. However, it is becoming increasingly important in a talent market where skilled candidates are scarce. 

Your talent pool should be a central part of your recruiting strategy and when it comes to recruiting proactively you need a simple but effective formula to engage talent, freeing up your recruiting talent to focus on being expert talent spotters….

Early findings from the 2017 Candidate Attraction Report reiterate the 2016 findings that you may already know your next ideal candidate within your database but more needs to be done to grow talent pools of engaged candidates.

A simple formula....

  1. Make it easy for candidates‚Äč - In building your talent pool make it easy for new candidates to upload their CV (even better if the CV is automatically converted into their profile) and complete applications on mobile devices.
  2. Automate - Auto skill candidates as soon as they are registered, based on skills in their CV, to assist with auto matching candidates to vacancies. 
  3. Segment - Segment talent into relevant target groups (location, skills etc) to enable rapid talent mapping of your pool to vacancies. By focussing on the most suitable candidates you can convert passive talent into great new hires.
  4. Search - Have the ability to search and sift through your talent pool to pinpoint the most suitable candidates to engage will identify warm talent and reduce the time to hire.
  5. Nurture - Even if candidates don’t match for a current role they still need to be nurtured as they may well be people you want to keep tabs on for future roles. Timely and relevant correspondence by their preferred method is key, as is tracking every conversation.
  6. Measure & Monitor - You’ll need to know in real-time the level and health of your talent pool. Having an at- a-glance view of strengths or weaknesses of your talent pools will mean more informed hiring decisions.

Ensuring you have the right talent in the right place at the right time requires well stocked talent pools. But keeping them engaged can be tricky so here are a few free resources to help you with your winning formula! 

Download the talent pooling datasheet for a comprehensive overview or check out this useful free introduction and worksheet for how to create a talent persona – a great way to focus your recruitment marketing campaigns. 

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