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Modern recruitment software is about more than meeting the needs of in-house recruitment teams. There are important internal and external stakeholders to consider.  Perhaps the most important stakeholder of all are your candidates. Without candidates, there would be no recruitment- simple. But how can you be sure you are giving candidates the kind of functionality they need?

Needless to say, a smooth mobile responsive design goes a long way to improving the candidate experience. 
Here are a few extra ways to increase your candidate conversions.

Keep Form filling to an absolute  minimum

Intelligent recruitment technology can help to keep form filling down. This can dramatically improve the overall candidate experience. Some of the ways you can achieve this include:

CV parsing. Parsing software takes information from a candidate's CV and automatically populates their profile.

Creating profiles. Candidate profiles enable candidates to create a single profile to apply for multiple positions.

Social log-in. We all have tons of online accounts. So make it easy for candidates, let them register on your careers site using their social accounts instead.

Keeping in touch

Using a multi-channel communication strategy to contact your candidates can help keep candidates informed as they progress through your hiring process. Once a candidate has completed an application, drop them an email to confirm receipt and tell them what to expect next.

As they progress through the different stages, consider using SMS messages to keep them up to date with their application.


Digital recruitment processes are now commonplace for many organisations. But once the candidate reaches the onboarding stage many companies still rely on manual, paper-based processes. By keeping onboarding in the digital realm you can reduce your time to hire and improve comliance. Features such as digital document signing (e-Signatures) mean that employment contracts and other necessary documents can be digitally signed- so no need to post any documents.

For the full checklist- download the Candidate's Recruitment Software Checklist.

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