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A vital part of any recruitment strategy is competitor analysis. In this day and age it is more difficult than ever.  The number of channels recruiters use has exploded in recent years. Facilitated by the continued growth of the internet, online job boards, social media channels and affiliate websites are just some of the channels recruiters use. All of this means researching your competitors' strategy can be a laborious task.

One way to find out which keywords your competitors' are targeting as part of their SEO strategy, is to manually search through their site, search engines and job boards, to get an overview of which keywords appear frequently on their site. Doing this manually can be extremely time consuming.

Fortunately there are some tools you can use to speed up this process and point you in the right direction. In this quick tip video we review two free tools to get you started with a situational analysis of your website, and your competitors' online recruitment strategy.

The Moz browser plugin allows you to quickly see SEO information, while Ghostery displays which scripts are running on the webpage that you are viewing. While the example in our quick tip isn't a recruitment website, the same techniques apply to recruitment websites.

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