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You want to hire like Google. Not only is Google the 8th most profitable company in the world, it is famous in the HR world for being able to attract top talent, and nurture them into future leaders. Imagine what you could do if you knew their job description writing techniques? What if you could receive the same interview training as top Google Execs? And what if you could gain Google inspired interviewing insights to help identify top talent?

Well, now you can.

Google have released all of their hiring best practice documents completely for free. And even if you’re not as excited as I am, it’s probably worth a look isn’t it?

In this hiring best practice treasure trove, the Google Recruitment Team show you:

A sample job description checklist
This checklist can help ensure that your job descriptions are in the best shape they could possibly be in. It’s all about doing the basics right. Don’t forget to use our own tool, Check My Job to guard against any unconscious gender bias.

A sample interview grading rubric
A rubric can help you to structure your interviews and hiring processes. It can help you to give more structured feedback. This is key, especially if you are interviewing multiple candidates for the same role. 

Interviewer best practices cheat sheet
This tool is not only a great to use in your own organisation, but it gives a great insight into how Google conduct interviews. One of the key themes throughout this cheat sheet is “stay humble.”

A sample candidate survey
Getting feedback about your recruitment processes is key. In this Google form, Google outline how collecting sentiment is key to maintaining a positive candidate experience. Of course, with Eploy Discover, you can use dedicated recruitment eforms to gain candidate feedback and store relational responses directly in your applicant tracking system.

Interviewer training checklist
The premise of this checklist is to give interviewers the tools they need to make more informed hiring decisions. “The more interiewers understand what they’re looking for and how it fits into the larger picture, the more effective they can be.”
All 5 Google resources are available here: https://rework.withgoogle.com/blog/structure-hiring-with-rework-tools/

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