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Crufts ‘best in breed’ gundog has caused some controversy this year. Not least because American Cocker Spaniel called “Afterglow Miami Ink”, also went on to win ‘best in show’. The unfortunately named show dog caused controversy simply because it looked nothing like a gundog. People couldn’t image this pristinely presented pup fulfilling the main characteristics of a gundog- namely foraging and retrieving.

Here’s a picture of Sid. Sid is more conventional gundog who loves nothing more than getting dirty and playing fetch.

Believe it or not, there’s a cautionary tale for prospective recruitment software buyers here.

Breeds of Software

When we talk about breed in software terms, we’re talking about software that is built and designed for a specific purpose. Payroll software, recruitment software, employee engagement software are all ‘breeds’ of software. It’s what they do.

These applications often have powerful competitive advantages over more generic HR Information Systems which may have ‘modules’ that provide a degree of functionality in these specialist areas. But it’s not what they do. Consequently, these modules often ‘plug a functional gap’ in the HR system, but often lack the depth of functionality and usability that’s required to deliver competitive advantage.

Opting for best in breed software means getting the best possible software within that ‘breed’. Your business should benefit from increased productivity and profitability.

The Cautionary Tale of Afterglow Miami Ink

However Best in Breed comes down to opinion. Just like at Crufts- the opinion of one judge decides which dog is ‘best in breed’.

Afterglow Miami Ink, sure looks like a handsome dog, and he’s obviously had a nice shampoo recently. But would you bet on him to win in a retrieving competition against Sid?
No, neither would I.

So when you’re deciding which ‘best in breed’ software is right for your business, don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper into the functionality of the software. It might look nice, and it might technically be a specific breed- but does it get its paws dirty, and fulfil the functionality you need it to?

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