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Digital transformation- the process by which organisations digitise their internal and external business processes has been happening since the 1990’s. Over 20 years of transformation suggests that the process of making your processes more efficient is actually quite, well, inefficient.

Arguably digital transformation is an ongoing process. As new technologies emerge they take time to become assimilated into corporate organisations. By the time a particular type of technology reaches mass market penetration, there is usually some new market challenger attempting to disrupt the status quo.

Take applicant tracking systems for example. By the time the first generation of applicant tracking systems were widely accepted as key products for managing large recruitment processes, a new generation of ATS had entered the market as part of the cloud based software revolution.

 Despite the proliferation of software in all kinds in modern business, we’re constantly surprised by the number of organisations using paper systems in various parts of the business. Especially where viable digital alternatives are available. Whether you need an HCM, Employee Benefits System or Applicant Tracking System, there are some really excellent alternatives to paper and pen.

Here’s 3 reasons we think that investing in an applicant tracking system could lead the digital transformation for your organisation and help you to attract a better calibre of candidate.


First impressions count

For hiring managers, the first impression they get of a candidate is usually their application- whether that comes in the form of a CV or an online pro forma. A modern applicant tracking system can:
  1. Store information in an accessible and secure way
  2. Help hiring managers to identify key candidate information
  3. Progress or reject candidates easily
For the candidate, their first impression of what your organisations is like as an employer is through your careers site and application process. A modern applicant tracking system can:
  1. Find out information on what working at your organisation is like
  2. Upload CV’s from cloud storage providers
  3. Complete applications on mobile devises
  4. Schedule interviews

Treat every applicant with respect

Even with the best intensions candidate applications are difficult to manage without some dedicated software. Especially once a certain volume is reached. Candidates can often fall through gaps, only to be completely forgotten. A modern applicant tracking system ensures:
  1. Every candidate gets an automatic response to their application.
  2. Can check on the progress of their application at any time.
  3. Receives clear communication on whether their application was successful or not.

Digitally Onboard Successful Hires

A digital onboarding process can reduce time to hire and reduce time to hire through innovations such as:
  1. Offer acceptance
  2. Automated reference collection
  3. Digital document signing

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