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Your vendor recruitment agencies and preferred supplier list (PSL) might not be the first people you think of when considering the needs and wants of your recruitment stakeholders. But managing the expectations and permissions of your PSL can save precious time and resources for other stakeholder groups- namely your recruiters and hiring managers. Still think your PSL can get by emailing candidate CVs to your team? Read on to see how to communicate more effectively with your Vendors and PSL.

So how can you manage your PSL more efficiently?

A dedicated web based portal has many advantages to more open methods of communication, such as email. It means that all communication can be monitored and managed through the portal. Adding this element of control prevents unnecessary phone calls and emails with your Vendors.

In addition, your PSL can get access to much of the information they require through the web portal. Vendors can access the jobs they are working on, and submit candidates for review. CVs are sent directly through the portal to the in-house recruitment team. All submissions and communications are tracked- meaning that candidates are always correctly attributed to the correct vendor.

If a second vendor submits the same candidate, then a web portal could identify that the candidate has already been submitted. This additional security measure further ensures candidates are attributed to the correct vendor- and helps to prevent any grievances from the vendors themselves. 


Candidate Assessment

For candidates that make it through to assessment Vendors maintain a element of control by scheduling and confirming interview time slots and/ or assessment center times for their candidates. This again confirms consistency communication for vendor and candidate alike.

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