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Was 2013, as predicted, really the year for mobile recruitment sites?

I believe so, but generally speaking the recruitment industry still has a long way to go to embrace the technology that is available. Many now have mobile friendly career portals, but unfortunately, in many cases they are quite basic, offering candidates a cut-down experience. This is because they are often bolt- on web pages or apps - they can lack functionality and coherence. Our proposition is about taking recruitment software onto a new, enhanced level of mobile sophistication. By becoming 'mobile enhanced' it will serve to positively change the recruitment process and how recruiters communicate with those involved in the hiring process, and more significantly, their candidates.

In 2014, how can recruiters be persuaded to implement a fully enhanced mobile strategy?

They don't have to take my word to see how important it is to have a fully mobile, intuitive career portal - just take a look at all the statistics. One that stood out for me was Jibe's research, which shows that 86% of job seekers who have a smartphone use it to search for jobs. From our own customer base, we've seen an average ten per cent increase in mobile traffic with some Eploy-powered career portals receiving 36% of their traffic from mobile devices enabling them to search/apply for jobs, manage timesheets, diaries and more.

What are the key features of a 'mobile-enhanced' recruitment software system?

First, we must understand that mobile is different from all other communication channels because it dictates the way candidates connect with you. With the range of different devices being used by candidates to access and interact with career portals, it is important to choose a software provider that can not only manage all of this, but also provide a desktop-like experience.

How does this improve the candidate experience?

A fully mobile system allows candidates to register and manage their entire application and career - from registration to interview booking via their smartphone or tablet device. It also enables them to deal with any compliance and on-boarding activities. Plus with Eploy, we have developed advanced automated SMS, email and social communication tools. There are also talent community features, interactive social and referral links, which are all integrated into the core system, and managed and tracked at source within the software. We also have a mobile intelligent mapping and postcode location service that links to a company's career portal/website via Eploy and Google Maps.

What do these changes mean to recruiters?

Recruiters can offer their candidates, clients and hiring managers a tailored mobile experience, and one that genuinely rivals the desktop experience. Final thoughts on mobile? The amount of time and money people are spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly, and Google estimates that 50% of recruitment related searches will be conducted from a mobile device by the third quarter of 2014. We are living in a mobile world now and the vast majority of candidates expect to be able to receive information and communicate about career opportunities on their mobile device either direct via email/SMS or social media. They want quick and easy access to messages and opportunities and to be able to respond while on the move. This requires recruiters to start fully embracing and integrating mobile technologies into their recruitment and social media strategy. Mobile, offers great opportunities to build trust and brand awareness and engage with talent.

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