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As a recruiter you're already an expert juggler, managing candidates, hiring managers and vacancies as well as advertising jobs, short-listing candidates and all of the admin work that comes with it. And then there's your goals; reducing time to hire, finding better quality candidates, improving the candidate experience, building a talent pool etc. how do you find time to fit everything into your day? The key to success is to keep your processes simultaneously ticking over which, when you think about it, is a lot like juggling.                        

Technology has advanced significantly over recent years and recruitment software is no longer simply an applicant tracking system - it's a CRM system and the C can stand for candidates, clients and contacts. It's the power behind your recruitment, taking over time-consuming manual administration tasks, driving your recruitment processes and helping you to achieve your goals.
For us, successful recruitment is about collaboration with your key stakeholders, involving and engaging candidates, hiring managers and vendors in a way that makes it simple for them to perform their roles and give you the information you need to recruit. To that end we've developed portal technology for each of the key stakeholders so you can control the information they can see and provide and ensure they have a seamless experience of the recruitment process.                        

If you'd like to take a different approach to learning about our recruitment software then read on and learn how to juggle and some impressive party tricks along the way.                        

Click here to download our guide "Recruitment and the Art of Juggling"


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