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If you want to get serious about measuring your online candidate experience you need to start tracking how your candidates are finding, viewing and interactingwith your recruitment website. A good first step is to ensure you have Google Analytics installed. If you don't here are some helpful instructions to get you started

Step 1 - Create a Google Analytics Account

Go to Google Analytics site and in the top right hand corner either sign in (if you already have a Google Account, or create a new account.

Once you have an account you can sign in with your username and password 

Step 2 - Add your Recruitment site to your Google Analytics Account

If you are new to Google Analytics you will need to sign up once logged in before you can set up your site 

Then you will be prompted to entire your site name and URL:

Step 3 - Get your Tracking code

Next click the "Get Tracking ID" button   You may then need to agree to some Terms and Conditions, if you are happy to Accept these you will then get your unique tracking code.

Step 4 - Add your Tracking Code to your Careers site

This part will depend on how your careers site is managed. If you or your web team manage your site internally simply paste the tracking code into your careers site pages. 

However you may need to talk to your web developers or ATS provider if your jobs pages are dynamically created. ...of course with an Eploy careers site we'll embed Google Analytics across your entire careers site, ensuring you'll get full analytics for every page and every job.

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