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In Part 1 you set up Gooogle Analytics on your careers site. Then in Part 2 you created a goal to measure your sites performance against a key recruiting metric. Now we're going to take a look at how your mobile candidates are using your site and what size screens they are using, this is useful information for building a business case for investiong in your mobile recruitment strategy.

Step 1 - Access your Mobile analytics

  1. Login to Google Analytics
  2. Go to your Careers site - all web data
  3. In the side menu select Audience
  4. In the Audience sub-menu select Mobile and then Overview

You will now see the default report, which breaks down your site visits during your selected period by device category (desktop, mobile, tablet)

You can also view this information within charts using the toolbar on the right: 

Step 2 - Understanding Device Sizes

Obviously, mobile devices are not equal. There are thousands of different models, with different specifications available. And although GA can tell you what devices candidates are using, from a careers site development perspective it is more important to understand what screen sizes are being used, that will let your web development team create an optimised responsive design that will automatically resize your content and application forms appropriately.
  1. In the Audience Menu select Devices from the sub menu
  2. Just above the table in the menu select 'Other' and then 'Screen Resolution

Now you can see a breakdown of your visits and Goal Completions based on the screen size of the visitors device. This is useful for your web developers to consider when creating a design for your careers site that will automatically adapt to the capabilities of your candidates devices and help provide a better, more mobile friendly candidate experience.


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