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Recruitment software has evolved significantly with countless tools and features designed to make life easier for recruiters. As a result there is a lot to consider when choosing the right system for your organisation. A technology partner who can integrate their systems to fully meet your requirements and who can be relied upon to fulfil the changing needs of your organisation is of paramount importance.
Below is a list of the ten reasons that we believe Eploy is the best system available today for recruiters whether you’re an agency, in-house team, RPO or University job shop.

1. Custom-Built for You

Every organisation is different and so it is vitally important that your system should be customisable to suit your requirements. You shouldn’t have to change your processes to fit your software. Our expert implementation team will work with you to understand your processes, challenges and goals and ensure we deliver a made-to-measure solution.

2. Support & Training

Team_Eploy include our helpful & knowledgeable support and training staff  that are on hand to ensure you maximise the full potential of your recruitment software. We offer a range of training packages to best suit you from cost-saving classroom based sessions to on-site training. We regularly run training webinars and have a comprehensive knowledge base available for users.

3. Reliability & Up Time

You wouldn’t hire an unreliable member of staff so why select a software system that’s temperamental and offline when your campaign is about to go live? Eploy is a cloud-based solution and is hosted on some of the most secure servers in the world. As a result Eploy users have experienced just 2 hours of downtime in almost 15 years.

4. Clear Costs

No one has endless budgets so the cost of your system are likely to be an important factor. At Eploy we are transparent about our costs and will ensure you are fully aware of any cost implications before any work takes place. Because Eploy is cloud-based there is no additional investment in hardware needed and upgrades take place without disruption to you and at no cost. Being online also means that licenses can be switched on or off as and when needed so you can easily scale up or down as your business demands.  

5. Automation and Workflow

Automating tasks is a key time saving feature and linking to your bespoke workflow will improve your processes as well as drive efficiencies. We ensure that your automated tasks are set to fit your processes rather than just generic solutions as automation based on assumptions can cause confusion and more work. Eploy also supports multiple workflows for variable recruitment so your software can be as flexible as you.

6. True Career Portal Integration

You don’t need to choose between a pretty careers site and a functional one, at Eploy we can design your careers site, or a candidate portal to match your existing site’s design, that fully integrates with your software. As a result candidates can log in to update details, subscribe to job alerts and apply for jobs and Eploy will be updated in real-time.

7. Engaging all of your stakeholders

We understand that the recruitment isn’t just about candidates, with hiring managers, clients and vendors to consider Eploy have evolved their portal technology to ensure everyone has a good experience during the recruitment process. Dedicated portals allow secure two-way exchange of information on an intuitive and easy to access platform.

8. More than just a supplier

We don’t see ourselves as just a supplier, we would prefer to be your partner, taking your challenges and using technology to find innovative solutions for you. We pride ourselves on our innovative nature, with customers at the heart of all we do we have engineered Eploy to meet the changing needs of recruiters based on our clients’ feedback. Without blowing our own horn too much we have a few technical geniuses on the team that turn the most recent advances in technology into functionality that genuinely benefits recruiters.

9. Accessibility

Businesses are rarely 9-5 operations anymore so your software needs to be working whenever you are. Eploy was the first cloud-based recruitment software system on the market (before the cloud even existed!) and users enjoy the benefits of 24/7 access from any location on any device with an internet connection. No need to pop into the office on a weekend, no reason for your business to come to a halt on snow days and your staff can benefit from the flexibility of home working.

10. Going mobile

With the rise of the smartphone (there are twice as many smartphones in the world as people that live in Europe!) everyone is having to adopt mobile technology. The recruitment industry is seeing significant growth with a huge increase in job searches taking place on mobile devices and an expectation from candidates to be able to conduct their job search, including applications, from a smartphone or tablet. We now build a candidate, hiring manager, client and vendor portals on mobile-responsive technology and ensure the experience for all stakeholders is as good on a mobile as it is on a desktop.
And here’s a bonus one for the future….

Future proofing

Recruitment software shouldn’t be a fling, it should be a long term partnership. Whatever system you choose to invest in you need to be sure you are future proofed and that your purchase will fit your business needs for the long-term. We are constantly embracing new technology to ensure we are at the cutting-edge of innovation and have built our system to ensure we can easily integrate and upgrade to incorporate new developments. Our client-focused development model means we’ll be delivering functionality that is actually useful to recruiters and not just a flash-in-the-pan feature with no value to you, the recruiter.

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Join the Eploy Recruitment Technology newsletter and we'll keep you posted when we have new downloadable resources, articles and news from the world of Recruitment Technology.