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"Move with the times, know your industry and think big."

So how does a recruitment agency develop and grow in this day and age?  The answer here of course, in my humble opinion, is to move with the times, know your industry and think big, all the while nurturing your staff and developing their potential.  I personally work within a small niche recruitment agency with a fantastic work ethic which has resulted in a good reputation within the creative retail industry.   Growing from a sole trader working from home in 1997 to a thriving company with a head office in Doncaster and a satellite office in London, it has evolved with the times from faxes and snail mail to emails and skype.

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."

A ‘one-stop shop’ for clients, we are able to supply both permanent and temporary staff, offering a full consultative service throughout the recruitment process for clients and candidates alike; it is our aim to make the perfect match between the two while ensuring a first-class customer service is given.  Alongside longevity, which has generated extensive industry knowledge and a large client base, progression and adaptation to an ever changing environment has been key in the growth of our company.  As Winston Churchill stated, ‘to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often’, and this could definitely be said of Straco Recruitment, an ever evolving business that strives to offer the best service possible.

And how exactly have you strived to achieve this perfection I hear you ask? As any Managing Director or business owner could tell you it is never easy to get it exactly right, it is a matter of trial and tribulation, but it seems we are going in the right direction with record sales numbers so far this year. There are a number of reasons we are doing well; an ever developing, close-knit workforce who maintain excellent commercial acumen, a recent rebranding of the company to celebrate 18 years of business and exploration of other sectors within the creative remit have all definitely been integral in the quest for success.


"Staff development is crucial."

The implementation of a marketing team has certainly raised brand awareness, particularly via social media, in particular LinkedIn where 6 specialised groups have been created to reach thousands of candidates and clients with news and advice. Staff development is crucial within recruitment and with this in mind we delved into the world of apprenticeships, a positive move on our part as it has produced 2 young, hard-working individuals who are an asset to the team and are constantly advancing in their skills and knowledge. Each member of the team is valued, creating a welcoming work environment conducive to communication and generating new ideas regarding the business.

Local presence makes "recruitment process smoother."

Having presence in both the north, with a newly expanded head office, and the south, with a new London Kings cross office, we can help make the recruitment process a smoother process for both candidates and clients by offering our offices as neutral ground for interviews and meetings as part of our service. We are also able to hold our own meetings to gain a better understanding of their needs and requirements. This will be an aspect of our service we will be looking to promote further in the near future.

Recruitment will always be a tough industry to master with its constant changes; the key to success can be summed up in one word – adapt.

About Straco Recruitment Group

Straco Recruitment Group have been working in the recruitment industry for 18 years. They specialise in Design, Retail Interiors, Point of Sale, Events, Exhibitions & Print Management recruitment.

They have been an Eploy customer since 2009. For more information visit stracorecruitment.com

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