Recruitment Software for the Retail Industry

By looking at the challenges that each vertical faces, we can assess which recruitment software features might be most useful to in-house recruiters in the industry. We're kicking things off by looking at retail.


3 Ways Applicant Tracking Systems Could Lead Your Organisation’s Digital Transformation

Here’s 3 reasons we think that investing in an applicant tracking system could lead the digital transformation for your organisation and help you to attract a better calibre of candidate. 


In-House Recruitment Software Myths

Just like any part of any business, there can be some preconceived ideas about applicant tracking systems. Here are 6 myths that we’d like to debunk about modern applicant tracking systems and recruitment software vendors.


How To Hire Like Google. For Free.

Google have released all of their hiring best practice documents completely for free. And even if you’re not as excited as I am, it’s probably worth a look isn’t it?


The 6 Keys to Attracting Top Talent With Your Job Description

Candidate attraction techniques broadly fall into two categories: proactive sourcing and passive sourcing. There are pros and cons to both methods, of course. Proactive techniques are time and labour intensive, and difficult to scale. Passive sourcing is less labour intensive and easier to scale.


Best In Breed? The Cautionary Tale Of Afterglow Miami Ink

Afterglow Miami Ink, winner of best in breed in the gundog category at Crufts 2017 looks like a handsome dog but can he fullfil the primary function of a gundog? And how does this relate to software?


Contractor or Permanent- How Data Visualisation Can Help Shape Your Hiring Decisions

Talent pools contain a wealth of data you can use throughout your organisation to shape hiring decisions. The problem for most organisations is extracting this data, and then visualising it in a meaningful way. 


How to spot a fake job and what to do when you find one

Fake jobs are on the rise and they are bad news for the recruitment industry. But how can recruiters help? And what should you do when you spot a fake job?


Concerns behind predictive analytics and how to combat them

As a tech firm it’s natural for us to get excited about things like Predictive Analytics (PA). But to successfully implement emerging technologies like PA will need a thorough review of the potential implications for your company culture. For example, how might predictive analytics impact your corporate inclusion policy?


The Vendors/ PSL Recruitment Software Checklist?

If you continue to work with agencies or a preferred supplier list you may want to consider how they can be incorporated into your E-Recruitment strategy.



What Do Recruiters Want From Recruitment Software?

What do core system users- recruiters- want from recruitment software?


When recruitment gamification becomes plain timewasting

When is recruitment gamification not gamification? Read some examples of when gamification works, and when it doesn't.

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