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What are your recruitment predictions for 2013?

2013 will be the year mobile recruiting really comes to the forefront. Many thought that 2012 would be that year, but it has taken recruiters longer to implement solutions than for candidates to embrace mobile use. For many companies, this will represent a significant shift in how they recruit, communicate with candidates, hiring managers and agencies, and importantly, how they 'power' their career portal and recruitment system to ensure it's fully mobile intuitive.

Why is having a mobile strategy important?

You only have to look at the statistics. One that stands out for me in particular is the latest research from ComScore, which revealed that 2.8 million job seekers now access job listings from a mobile device every month. Eurostat has also just revealed that 39% of companies in the EU are providing smartphones or tablets to workers to facilitate remote working. Recruiters cannot ignore this.

How has Eploy responded?

Fortunately we predicted several years ago that mobile would become a key factor in recruitment. Even though we've always been able to offer customers a feature-rich mobile solution, mobile sites have changed dramatically, as have candidates expectations. Our newest platform offers an exceptional user experience across all platforms and devices.

Have you seen a rise in Eploy customers using this mobile functionality?

Absolutely! Our latest figures prove this, with 41% of customers using their mobile devices to access the entire Eploy recruitment system to perform their day to day recruitment activities. Whilst 70% have candidates accessing their Eploy powered career portal via a mobile device enabling them to search / apply for jobs, manage timesheets, diaries and more.

What are your plans for 2013?

It is always important to us that we continue to keep advancing Eploy's capabilities and continue to push the boundaries of recruitment technology. Mobile enables us to offer customers and their candidates ever greater functionality and a friendlier experience. Over the last two years we've invested considerably in R&D and we have just launched our new web platform that boasts a more advanced level of technical sophistication, social integration and overall accessibility. It also facilitates multilingual portals for international clients. This will take mobile to a new level, enabling customers to offer their candidates, clients and hiring managers a tailored mobile experience years ahead of the rest of the industry, and that includes what they are doing in the US.

How can you substantiate this claim?

Most companies are able to offer a basic mobile package for their candidates, but they are normally bolt on web pages or dumbed down Apps that have little functionality and lack coherence. We have gone much further, which is why we use the phrase 'mobile enhanced'. It's no longer just about being able to register and search for jobs; it is about offering a superb user experience on mobile devices that genuinely rivals the desktop experience.

What are the key features of the new 'mobile enhanced' Eploy?

The new web platform opens up the system to be even more flexible and intuitive for ALL types of recruitment activity. This includes fully mobile career portals enabling candidates to not only register but manage their entire application and career, from registration to interview booking and even compliance and on-boarding activities, via smartphone or tablet devices. This includes ultra-modern talent community features.

Are there any new social media tools?

Yes, as well as a new set of advanced automated SMS, email and social communication tools. There are also interactive social and referral links, which are all integrated into the core system and managed and tracked at source within the software. Mobile career portals can even offer integrated location based services via Google Maps.

Final thoughts on mobile..?

We are now living in a mobile world with the vast majority of candidates wanting to receive information, and communicate about career opportunities on their mobile device, either direct via email / SMS or social media. It is therefore time for recruiters to fully embrace and integrate it into their recruitment and social media strategy.

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