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It is getting harder to do your daily tasks during "normal" working hours. As people today generally work longer or more flexible hours, having round the clock access to your recruitment system to contact that elusive candidate or hiring manager is becoming essential. Having put all the hard work into selecting the right candidates for the job, arranging the interview is becoming increasingly difficult, especially as candidates and hiring managers are becoming harder to contact during normal 9-5 working hours.

It's not even good enough to be able to access your recruitment system remotely using your PC… what if you are away from home or can't get access to a computer… That's where your mobile phone, Blackberry or iPhone for example provides the key to efficient remote working.

It is already established that being able to contact candidates easily via text message and email increases your chances of getting in touch. Especially if replies go to your email as well as your mobile phone, which lowers your own response time and can be essential when people have been hard to reach.

Having total secure access to your recruitment system via your mobile phone means you can proactively be notified of any actions or calls you need to make without any synchronising. Have you ever returned to your desk to find out that you have missed the window of opportunity to contact an important contact or candidate? It makes much more sense if you can be notified on the device that you carry around with you… your mobile phone.

Allowing authorised users to securely access live information from your recruitment software such as telephone numbers, email addresses and actual candidate CVs whenever they want and wherever they happen to be, further promotes mobility and the coordination of activities. Especially as your same mobile phone can also be used to log your conversation straight into your recruitment system and set up any interview times or diary actions you have arranged. Consultants can continue working on shortlists and managers can check management information on key requirements via their mobile phone even when they are out of the office. Security is also increased as there is no need to carry confidential information around with you.

Also, IT savvy candidates are increasingly using their mobile phones to search for jobs and interact with companies so providing special mobile pages for them is becoming increasingly popular, with many job boards such as Monster paving the way.

Technology plays an integral part in this evolving mobile marketplace and has been addressed by eploy® through the continual development of its specialist web based service. You don't even need to worry about infrastructure or hardware as we take care of that for you, we also backup all of your data every day to ensure further peace of mind and increased security for your business. Adopting the established web-based recruitment system eploy® will open up new opportunities, allow you to provide more flexible working options for your own staff and lower your existing hardware and recruitment software costs.

In this current economic uncertainty, communication through mobile devices has become a vital aspect of business efficiency, and is important for competitiveness and future success. Eploy® recruitment solutions have always been provided as a service (SaaS) since 1998 and now lead the next generation of web-based recruitment software and mobile working. So to ensure you don't get left behind, start taking advantage of these new advances in mobile technology.

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