11 March, 2013

A major restructure at fashion and homeware retailer Matalan last year saw its internal Recruitment & Talent Team almost halve in size and take on full responsibility for all recruitment across both retail and head office. This resulted in Matalan making the decision to adopt a recruitment software solution that would help meet its needs as a major employer.Matalan careers portal is powered by Eploy recruitment software

After researching the market, Matalan, with more than 200 stores across the UK, turned to Eploy to create and implement a modern career portal powered by their industry leading web-based recruitment system and vendor management tools. This would not only enable the recruitment team to be more pro-active and achieve its stringent targets, but would also help reduce inefficiencies and improve the candidates' experience.

Paul McNulty, Head Office Recruitment Manager at Matalan, says: "The launch of our new career portal and recruitment system has been a great success thanks to Eploy's excellent product, knowledge and experience, as well as their on-going service and support. It has made a significance difference in how we now manage our recruitment."

Eploy offered Matalan a completely different proposition. A full service approach that included designing and building a new website on Eploy's recruitment platform.

Chris Bogh, Eploy's Technical Director explains: "By building a career portal from the outset on our feature-rich technology means it will operate a lot better than self-built portals or those driven by third party plugins (APIs) which can often be limited. This provides a higher level of recruitment functionality to improve the overall candidate experience, maximise reach and massively reduce recruitment admin."

For Matalan, this approach works on several levels. The career portal has been attractively designed to reflect Matalan's brand and employee values, whilst the 'engine room' powers all the recruitment functionality required by the recruitment team, thus ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Matalan has quickly benefited from the Eploy system, which went live in December 2011.

In the first 6 months following its introduction:
  • 25,000 new candidates registered at "matalan.jobs"
  • 15,000 applications were submitted via "matalan.jobs"
  • 500 placements were made
matalan.jobs is now the main source for all applicants and placements.
In addition, the recruitment team has achieved:
  • 87% reduction in agency fees
  • 20% reduction in tile to hire
  • 95% offer acceptance rate
Paul McNulty says: "We now have a feature-rich web-based career portal that not only serves to promote our brand, but also provides a positive recruitment experience for candidates. It has also helped to reduce our reliance on third party recruitment agency services and has improved our service to candidates by allowing us to deploy resources and budgets more efficiently.”

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