09 April, 2012

Leading construction and support services group, Kier, who employs more than 11,000 people worldwide, has adopted Eploy's inclusive applicant tracking and recruitment software system as its company standard.

The centralised web based solution has been specially customised by Eploy to allow the organisation to efficiently manage and coordinate the recruitment and HR needs. Steve Iles, Recruitment Services Manager - Kier Support Services and Kier Partnership Homes said: "The vendor selection process was influenced by the capability of the software package to meet and manage the development of a company wide talent pool. The requirements of the business meant that we needed a solution integrating an applicant tracking system with recruitment and HR management reporting tools."

Steve continued: "A combination of applicant tracking software and traditional recruitment software was required; we process 1000s of CVs every month and recruit between 50-100 staff. We did not want a combination of disparate software products that do not communicate transparently to one another. Eploy overcomes this and was the successful bidder."
Baljit Rai, Recruitment Manager - UK & International, Kier Construction Limited & Developments Division added: "The benefits of  Eploy’s applicant tracking systems offers an advanced capability to manipulate data so that we could accurately match candidates to roles. This enables us to accurately pre-sort applications before email distribution to line managers across the UK and abroad via the Eploy's Hiring Manager portal."

The central web portal also provides Kier personnel unified access to all information introducing time saving functions at both regional and group levels. Eploy's completely browser based application runs in all the main browsers (including Macs and mobile versions) providing an interface for users. It allows HR functions to pick and choose the functionality they require to meet specific business needs reducing complexity.

"Eploy has introduced tangible benefits by allowing short lists to be drawn up, with less administration and reducing time to hire. We have also been able to take on more jobs due to the time saved," added Steve.

The Eploy solution has introduced further management capacity by capturing all transactional data. For Kier Construction for example, who operate at a UK and international level, the system records all the recruitment activity from all hiring managers across all locations, allowing the effectiveness of recruitment campaigns to be measured.

Chris Bogh, Technical Director at Eploy, worked closely with the Kier team in the development and installation of the system, and he said, "We are delighted that Kier has taken Eploy on board to streamline its recruitment function. With such inherent structural complexities across the Group, we needed to tailor a solution that would address a range of business and HR needs."
"Significant for Eploy is the fact that we have replaced Kier's incumbent recruitment software provider, who is one of the world's largest suppliers of enterprise class ATS Systems," added Chris.

Steve confirms: "The team at Eploy are all very dedicated and passionate about their product and were quick to react to our needs. They are a highly skilled team, who use their experience and knowledge to adapt elements of the software and create bespoke web portals to ensure the system works seamlessly with the company's workflow infrastructure."

With an expanding workforce of over 11,000 people, Kier Group is a leader in construction with particular strengths in civil engineering, support services, public and private house building, property development and the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). The business has combined revenues of £2.1 billion and relies on its skilled workforce to maintain a professional and competitive edge across all its business activities.

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